How Soren Dawody inspires aspiring eco-friendly entrepreneurs through his sustainable projects

Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to do business in a sustainable way or an eco-conscious activist, taking a look at Soren Dawody’s projects is a great idea to find some inspiration. 

Through his successful projects, Soren Dawody proves that you can do business in a green way and find success. He is an inspiration to every entrepreneur that a company doesn’t have to affect the environment to bring a massive return negatively. 

First, let’s find out who Soren Dawody is and how his focus on the initiative called Effective Altruism has helped him help others. 

Who is Soren Dawody?

Soren Dowdy is the Co-founder and Managing Director at AKROS Consultants, a company which he co-founded back in 2011. Dawody’s company, AKROS, is a real estate development company that focuses on developing high-end projects across the island of Cyprus. 

As a Managing Director at AKROS Consultants, Soren Dawody provides strategic leadership that aims to catalyze foreign investment based on the company’s vision. Besides managing everyday operations for the company, the entrepreneur also engages with investors, government representatives, and other key stakeholders that can help the company realize its strategic plan. Dawody’s mission is to help develop viable economies

As an entrepreneur, Soren Dawody has quite a diverse background with several years of experience in areas like investments, entrepreneurship, and company building. So far, he has succeeded in fostering multiple private sectors and government partnerships that have helped Dawody reach his goals of advancing sustainability strategies in emerging countries. 

During his entire career as an entrepreneur, Soren Dawody did something that more entrepreneurs should be doing: he advocated for a paradigm-shifting initiative called Effective Altruism. 

The concept of Effective Altruism is based on an idea developed at Oxford University in the early 2000s. This idea supports a new approach to economic development that focuses on identifying the most pressing systemic issues in worldwide economies that are unfortunately neglected or forgotten by the international community even though they can be solved. 

Based on the concept of Effective Altruism, Soren Dawody has the desire to create an infrastructure that would develop a solution for challenges faced by local communities, a desire that powerfully reflects in his entrepreneurship and company mission. With Soren Dawody as the head of the company, AKROS Consultants focuses on driving international investment, which can bring solutions to challenges like low employment, income equality, healthcare, and affordable housing. 

But that’s not all. Soren Dawody also inspires to use his entrepreneurial skills in sustaining ocean health. And he successfully did so by developing the Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture Ltd. 

Now, let’s move forward to finding out more about Soren Dowdy’s projects. 

Soren Dawody’s projects

In each of the projects he has developed throughout his entrepreneurial career, the concept of Effective Altruism was a key part of the strategic plans. 

Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture is one of the initiatives of Soren Dawody, which has led to the development of a sustainable aquaculture farm which is now on track to produce over 8,000 tons of high-quality shrimp and fish products every year, a volume that will allow fishers to sell not only locally, to resorts or restaurants in Grenada, but also to the lucrative markets of the US and South America. 

 This eco-friendly, sustainable, and highly scalable initiative aims to help diversify Grenada’s economy, improve and increase its job market for locals, and improve the country’s currently lagging GDP. Since its launch, the initiative has had a 100% success rate in its investors receiving citizenship in Grenada, thanks to the fact that the initiative is endorsed as a Citizenship by Investment Project. 

Behind GSA, it’s the mastermind of Soren Dawody who has poured all his knowledge, entrepreneurial skills, and altruism into this project. Thanks to that, the GSA initiative has a projected growth set to bring a 9% increase in the country’s GDP and over 400 long-term local jobs. 

Besides the economic benefits of this initiative, GSA also has a very powerful positive impact on the environment. By using cutting-edge technologies and equipment to minimize the country’s environmental footprint, the initiative helps reverse the damages caused by sustainability problems like overfishing, pollution, and climate change. 


What can aspiring eco-friendly entrepreneurs learn from Soren Dawody?

Aspiring eco-friendly entrepreneurs have a lot to learn from Soren Dawody, not only in terms of entrepreneurial success but also in terms of how to achieve this success in a sustainable and altruist way. 

Soren Dawody has extensive experience in various areas, including real estate development, investment, and international relations, which can be really helpful for any entrepreneur, no matter the industry. Soren Dawody also has excellent leadership and crisis management skills, which he has used to grow the company he has co-founded in 2011 and position it as a global leader in the Citizenship by the Investment industry. 

His passion for altruistic investment style and his concern for helping people from developing countries and our environment to combat sustainability challenges have made Soren Dawody a true inspiration for worldwide entrepreneurs. Initiatives like Dawody’s GSA initiative mean countries, especially those struggling with economies based on tourism, can be well-positioned to deliver new economic opportunities to locals and local and foreign investors. 

The GSA initiative isn’t the only brave and altruistic project Soren Dawody has in mind. He also plans to take his strategic global investment plans to counties such as Cyprus, Greece, and many others to help these economies enjoy the same benefits brought by his Grenada Sustainable Aquaculture initiative. 


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