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So, do you have decided to move into a new house? This is the moment when everyone congratulates you, because you managed to find the home of your dreams. But a challenging period waits for you, because you will have to move your belongings into the new house. You will need a pen and paper, because making a checklist is essential at this point. You will have to decide what the budget for the removal process is, and what items you want to take with you to the new house. You should know from day one that this is a stressful process, because there are numerous things you have to check. To help you better understand the process here is a checklist that will guide you and it will offer you the information you need. Keep in mind that if this is the first time you get involved in a removal process it is advisable to ask for the assistance of a removals company.

6 weeks before moving into the new house

  • Inform your family members when you plan to move into your new house
  • Make a plan on how you want to move everything
  • Decide what items you want to take to your new property. Are there any belongings you want to leave behind? You should design a floor plan of your house to know what furniture items you need there, and how you want to arrange them. Mark on the plan the spots where every furniture item will be placed.
  • Do you want to buy new furniture items for your new house? In case, the new property is bigger than the old one the things you already have might not be enough to furnish it. If you will want to decorate your house with new furniture, and you want to order it, you have to take into consideration the option that it may not be delivered in time. This is why it is advisable to ship some of your belongings to the new house, until you receive the new ones.
  • In case you do not know what items, you want to move and what items you want to leave behind, you will have to rent a storage space.
  • Decide if you want to pack your belongings by yourself, or you prefer to hire a company to help you. If you want to get rid of stress, it is advisable to hire a professional team.

4 weeks before moving into the new home


  • Inform the removals company on the date when you want them to move your belongings
  • In case you have kids, you should check for childcare solutions for the day when you will move your items, because it will be overwhelming to take them with you. In case the children are older, they can help you move the items, but if they are toddlers then it is recommended to ask someone to care for them that day.
  • You should sort all your items and take an inventory of the ones you want to send to your new house. Find a logic method to sort the items and pack them in boxes. This will help you know where they are placed when you will have to unpack at your new house.
  • In case you want to leave behind certain items, it is advisable to donate them or find another way to get them out of the house. You will need a clear way when the removals company will come to get the boxes. If you know that a certain item will not be used in your new home, this is the right moment to throw it.
  • Start packing in boxes some of the items you do not use very often

2 weeks before you move into the new home

  • Make a detailed plan of the moving day
  • Ask the company specialised in removals to New Zealand when your belongings will be delivered to your new address, because it is important to be someone there to wait for them. Do not forget to check if the removal company has a place where to park the vehicles with your belongings. Talk to your neighbours to leave the parking space clear.
  • You should inform your services providers that you will move. All the financial institutions have to be notified because they need to know that you will change your address. Make sure that when you will move into your new house you will have the services already installed.
  • Hire a gas engineer to disconnect your gas appliances. All the domestic appliances have to be disconnected before you leave the house.
  • In case you have pets you should check what transportation options you have

1 week before you move into the house

  • Pack the things you do not need regularly
  • All the documents should be placed in a box, and mark it for knowing where they are stored
  • Ask the removal company if they are willing to transport valuable items as jewelleries

The day before the move

  • In case you hire a removals company, it is advisable to ask them how they prefer you to pack your belongings. The specialists from https://www.pssremovals.com/ state that you can leave the contents in the drawers. But in case there are breakable items they have to be removed and placed in special boxes. Do not forget to mark the boxes as containing “fragile” items.
  • In case you want to transport items that contain liquids, it is important to put them in sealed containers.
  • The majority of companies do not transport inflammable materials, so do not forget to check the policy of the company you hire, to know what items you can place in the box, and what items you will have to transport by yourself.
  • Make a box of essential items, and inform the removals company that you want that particular box to arrive first at your house. Another option is to take those items with you, if you want to arrive before the items will be delivered.

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