Parents who have daughters must learn how to make a girl scout camping list because when they are little they often go camping with the school and you want to make sure that they do not forget to bring something. The girl scouts was founded in Georgia at the beginning of the 20th century and since then it has become very popular across the USA. Even though scouting is still considered to be more men’s style, girls can be just as proficient and resourceful and learn to deal with outdoor problems.The advantages of these camps are: bonding, friendships, learning survival skills and teaching morals from a young age. However, no extreme sports are practiced, so there is very little risk of injury, even though some activities are adventurous. From all the activities that the girls scouts organize camping is the most important.

  • Clothes

When you start packing for camp you should pick two outfits for each day and two extra outfits in case of emergency. Only pack clothes that are suited for outdoors like: sneakers, pajamas, hiking shoes, swimsuit and sandals. You should also put some warm clothes just in case it gets cold at night or it rains. The clothes that you choose for the trip should be season and geographical region appropriate. Keep in mind that the camping places to visit in California are different than those in Wisconsin so make sure that your little girl packs the right clothes.

  • Tent and sleeping bags

Another item that should be on your camping list is the tent. Before you pack it make sure that it is clean, if not clean it. It you have a sleeping bag inspect it just to see it has holes, tears or defects.  Aside from this make sure that all zippers work properly. Mark all you sleeping items: tent, sleeping bag, pillow and blankets with the name of your girl using a permanent marker.

  • Personal and first aid items

Before you start packing personal items find a waterproof bag where you can put them. You should things like: tooth paste and brush, towel, burn cream, itch cream, a small pair of scissors, non-latex bandages, triple antibiotic ointment, soap, shampoo, a flash light and bug repellent spray. If your child is taking medications put them separately in the bag. Take a small plastic bag, write the name on it and place all the pills in it. If your girl has allergies make sure that you make a list of them and give it to the person responsible to the children.

After you have finished writing down the girl scout camping list read it again just to make sure that you did not forget something. When you pack check each item as you put it in the bag, this way you do not get confused and add things twice. While these are the basic things that you a girl scout’s camping bag should contain, you should also add some additional items according to the region that she is visiting. For example if she is going on a camping trip around California she should be prepared for all types of terrains and weather conditions. The many camping places to visit in California are diverse and she should be prepared for all the locations as well as for all the activities that the school has planned for the children.

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