Gifts and souvenirs for a fabulous wedding

Finding the best gifts and souvenirs for a wedding can be difficult, as weddings become more and more elaborate every day. The wedding gift should have a unique and appealing look, but in the same time it should reflect you as a couple. Below you can find out some interesting tips about how to create the perfect gifts and souvenirs for a fabulous wedding.

A basic rule is to use a good looking packaging. The simplest ways are small boxes or paper bags featuring a small bow.  The colors you choose on the packages should be in correspondence with the ones used for the wedding decorations. A great idea is to complement the package with matching colorful ribbons. Never give wedding souvenirs without wrapping!

Customize the wedding souvenirs by placing a personalized message on each one. You can make reference to possible uses of the souvenir or you can write something meaningful, such as a small poem or a favorite quote. You can also customize the wedding souvenirs with your engraved initials, a personalized ribbon, or your wedding date. Add a personal touch by having them hand written by you or a professional calligrapher. The cheaper option is using laser printing.

You can make your wedding souvenirs functional by using them as escort cards for your wedding guests. Place a small card in each wedding gift with the guest`s name and the his/her number at the reception`s table, then put all these wedding gifts on a table at the entrance of the reception.

Another great idea is to use the wedding souvenirs as table centers. For example, make table centers with flowered vases and place a card on each one with the name of the guest sitting at that table who will take it home as a wedding gift.

An original way to give your wedding gifts is to put them in a cute basket at the exit of the wedding reception so that guests can take them home when leaving the party. Don`t forget to put a note telling them to take their wedding gift at the exit. Also make sure you have some extra wedding souvenirs.

Place children`s souvenirs on a shorter table, arranged in an attractive manner. A great choice is to give children gifts they can play with during the wedding reception.

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