Rules in choosing a metal detector

Metal detectors are highly popular at the moment, being used for a variety of reasons. There are schools that use them to detect students carrying weapons. At the same time these gadgets are intensely used in the construction and military field. One must not forget about treasures hunters. This is probably the largest public out […]

Air Display iPad App

Have you ever wondered where you can learn all the latest news about the top gadgets on the market? Or find out interesting facts on where to look for the best app reviews and unlock Nokia phone services or other similar tech related topics? Keep reading this article and you will find out immediately! We all […]

Cloud-Word App for iPad

Dear iPad users, allow us to introduce you a magnificent application that will make your work a lot easier. It helps you with taking notes and it seems to be very funny. Of all the opinions we have heard up until now, everybody is impressed and content with this new release called “Cloud-Word App for […]

Cloud-Word App for iPad

The engineers of the iPad app called Cloud-Word had just released an update. And as we know that lately people happen to be more and more interested in celebrity trends that offer great looking outfits and accessories why not going for this iPad application which counts every detail when it comes to fun and beautiful […]

iPad App Chop Chop Caveman

A new game was released on the market as an app for iPad by developer Gamerizon, called iPad App Chop Chop Caveman. This is the sixth game on the famous Chop Chop series that had more than 6 million downloads. The success of its predecessor, Chop Chop Ninja had inspired Gamerizon to bring a new […]

The Weather Channel iPad

We all need to keep focused and up-dates to the weather conditions, mainly because of the global warming and all the unexpected phenomena that occur in our cities. Nobody likes to answer to our questions based on the weather’s condition and this is why some experts have already thought of solving this problem. Weather Channel […]

Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store

Swiss iOS developer Games2be brought good news for owners of iPad – Plopp HD iPad App Hits App Store – and it may produce more addiction than the iPhone version. And since the great innovations that specialists put in their creations no matter if we should talk about top cars or top gadgets have always […]

Leostream Connect iPad App

A new iPad app was launched on the market by Leostream, named Leostream Connect iPad App, a desktop access app. Developed for offering security to users in accessing their applications and Microsoft Windows desktops, this app can be downloaded for free on the app store. What makes this new Leostream Connect iPad App to be […]

Air Display iPad App

For those who are interested in trying a second display monitor, an iPad application called Air Display iPad App has been updated and ready to be experienced. Avatron Software is the developer of this application and had released on the market Air Display iPad App Update. This nice application updated a few weeks ago will […]

TomTom GPS for iPad

A new application was updated and optimized for your iPad, TomTom GPS for iPad. With the latest up-to-date map, TomTom GPS app offers a lot of benefits. You can see all the maps on your 10″ iPad display that are available for driving navigation. The update of this iPad app is a good thing for […]

The Weather Channel iPad

Weather is a frequent topic of discussion, especially when people live in different cities or countries. Therefore, this iPad application called The Weather Channel is really helpful for those who want to know about the weather where they live or where their friends live. Updated a few days ago, this application received new elements which […]

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