Fun baby shower games

A big part of a baby shower party is the fun baby shower games which you should organize if you do not want your guests to get bored. Games are a great way to keep the guests entertained and make the work together. When you are choosing the games you have to think what the host would like and what kind of activities your guest will be willing to do. Here are some fun baby shower games that you can play during your party:

  • Famous Mother

What you have to do is print a couple of mother figures and celebrities that everyone is going to recognize. As the guest arrive to your party stick a photo on their back. During the party each guest will have to answer a couple of questions an figure out what person they have glued to their back. The one who guesses will win a prize.

  • Don’t Say “Baby”

For this game you will have to buy some over sized pins and decorate them with a colored ribbon. Each guest has to wear the pin and avoid saying the word ´baby´. If you hear someone say this word then you get that person´s pin. The goal of the game is to collect as many pins as you can.

  • Baby’s Time Capsule

In the invitations you send to your friends ask them to bring something that they think represents our time. When they come to the party ask each one what they brought and why. It is going to be fun to watch because there will be people who will bring silly things.

  • Name That Baby Food

What you have to do for this game is take some baby food jars are remove the labels. The guests have to guess what food is in each jar. The guest who guesses the most jars wins will get a prize at the end.

If you want to have fun baby shower games at you party then they should be similar to the ones we have described earlier. What you have to keep in mind is that they must be simple and fun games. You should ask the mother to be if she is ok with what you chose and if her friends will be willing to play the games you chose. Keep it simple and have fun organizing them and playing them because at the end of the day it is important to create good memories.

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