From Accepting to Embracing Change – Here Is How to Increase Adoption of New Initiatives Inside Your company

Over the last couple of years, nearly every single workplace on the planet has experienced significant change at more than one level, whether that’s a new business model, new management team, updated technology, or a merger. Yet, employees worldwide don’t like change and prefer a straightforward direction. The fallout is often the result of a lack of trust in the management team. 

Getting your employees to accept and embrace new initiatives should be a no-brainer. At the end of the day, your company has invested plenty of resources into something you believe is going to trigger better results in the form of higher productivity and efficiency and happier workers. With such gains, you would think everyone is thrilled to adopt changes like an office pet, but you should remember that your employees are humans, and as a rule, humans are creatures of habit who see change as extra work. So how can you convince them that the adoption of innovation can be a fun endeavor?

Communicate with your employees

You can enable trust through conversations. Typically, the lack of trust is the main reason why people refuse to embrace change. If trust broke down in your company, it’s because the leadership failed to explain why change and innovation are essential comprehensively. The result is a trust gap that impacts employee morale and productivity. And when the management doesn’t provide the employees with information, the workers resort to doing their own detective work because they want to find out what’s happening. 

You can avoid this scenario if you approach building trust through communication strategically. Explain to your employees why change is necessary by describing the organization’s current state and why it isn’t working properly. It allows them to create an emotional connection with the information. You help them accept change if you describe the rationale behind your decision. Even if some of them disagree with it, they can still understand why the process is fair. 

The observation is that you shouldn’t omit important information when you communicate with your employees because any sign of a lack of transparency can decrease trust. 

Organize an event to celebrate innovation adoption

Do you know why Steve Jobs nailed it at convincing people to embrace change and adopt new technology? He was a master at getting people excited about the process. He transformed every technology launch into an event. 

You want to generate buzz among your employees for the innovations you want them to adopt at your company, so enlist the help of your PR and marketing specialists to create an aura of expectation and organize a special event. To ensure that the event leaves your employees wanting more, hire an innovation keynote speaker who can push them out of their comfort zone. Collaborate with a speaker who is a master at captivating the public’s attention and leave them with the feeling they’d be more empowered if they embrace change.       

For your event to be successful, you should also make sure all employees attend the event; company leaders share how the innovation will impact each department and show real-life examples of how it can make their work better. Don’t be afraid to add in a little swag, offer gifts and entertainment during the event to get your employees excited. 

Focus on the organization’s purpose and values

Your employees are more likely to trust your decisions if they think the company’s leadership is like them. A clear sense of goals, values, and purpose can establish a connection between the two groups and help them see the meaning of the change. It’s vital to promote group self-interest to reduce the misperceptions of suspicious intent. When you present the reasons why innovation is needed, show them how it can help the company achieve a group goal to align everyone. 

Research shows that the main defining characteristic of a great workplace is workers trusting the leadership. Experts list trust as the primary measure used to select the companies they want to work for. When your employees trust the leadership, they may acknowledge that change can trigger some inevitable uncertainties, but they feel comforted that they’re working together with the management to reach a common goal. If you manage to gain your employees’ trust, they’ll act with an entrepreneurial mindset and embrace change easier. 

Keep innovation under your employees’ radar

It’s recommended to regularly remind your employees of the benefits innovations bring. Just like you expose your target public to your brand in a positive way to make them feel comfortable with your products and services, repeatedly expose your employees to your initiative to ensure they’ll accept and embrace them. The secret is to start advertising the change’s benefits in the early steps of adoption and market them for the employees. There are a few strategies you can use to maintain the topic visible. You can create a poster campaign highlighting the essential steps in the adoption process, from tech launch to training and feedback. Ask your employees to provide feedback at every step of the way, and allow them to choose the means they find more comfortable with. Some may prefer to remain anonymous when they offer feedback, and you should provide them with this option.  

Provide training opportunities

Even if you introduce intuitive technology, different individuals may use it in different ways, and training can boost the speed of adoption. Before you introduce technology or innovation at your organization, fuel its adoption with the help of training. You can choose from multiple training modules, like:

– In-person training sessions where each employee gets to use the technology while supervised by an expert who can teach them how to make the most out of each feature. 

– Online videos employees can quickly check when they need to learn more about a particular feature.

– Monthly training sessions and communications to share user tips and innovative use cases from various departments to help your employees boost their productivity and performance. 

Final thoughts

We hoped you find this blog useful, and inspires your user adoption methods. We recommend using your connection with your employees to spread the word about innovation in your organization and speed up adoption. 

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