When it comes to holidays people have different tastes. Some prefer crowded cities while other prefer quiet and deserted locations. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, the best thing to do is go as far away from the cities as possible and escape the everyday worries in the middle of nature. The USA has numerous camping and hiking places but there are also a lot of natural places to visit in Europe. Whichever destination you pick, make sure that you pack all the necessary things. Whenever you go hiking or camping you should make a food backpacking checklist where you write down all the foods that you want to take with you. When you go backpacking you need to take only food that is light and full of nutrients. Avoid bringing junk food or food that you can not cook because you will not get the nutrients that you need and you will not have the conditions to cook either. Here we have for you a list of some of the most important items that you need to take with you in order to survive in any conditions.

  • Water

Water is one of the most important things to take with you. It is said that you should take one quart of water for every five miles you plan on hiking. If you know spots where you can refill with water take less water and refill when you get to that spot.

  • Protein

Protein is very important when you are doing a lot of exercise. Because it is a food that soils easily hikers buy dry meats and sausages because they do not need to preserve them in any way. Aside from this there are nuts and protein bars that have a lot of protein in them which you can take.

  • Complex carbohydrates

Even though we know that carbohydrates are not good for us because they make us gain weight when you go hiking complex carbohydrates is important to incorporate in your diet. Yes, there are complex carbohydrates that have a positive impact on your body and they are: oatmeal, grain crackers and cup-o-soups. Avoid taking carbohydrates that need water to prepare because you will be wasting your drinking water.

  • Fat

Fat has a very bad reputation and it is that one thing that we are constantly trying to get rid of. When you go hiking it should be included in your backpacking checklist because it is a source of energy and it helps you digest.

These are the most important elements that you should include in your food backpacking checklist when you go hiking. You should not ignore them because these foods can save your life if you find yourself in a dangerous situation. They will help you survive in case you get lost or you get injured and can not finish the trip in time. Write down that checklist a few days in advance just to make sure that you do not forget something. As far as natural escapades go, you need a good destination as well as a solid and well prepared backpack. Whether you are interested in USA national parks or natural places to visit in Europe, make sure that your backpack will be prepared for all possible scenarios.

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