Farmhouse interior decorating

Complete our rural lifestyle by choosing a country décor that adds comfort and beauty to your farmhouse. Below you can find some useful farmhouse interior decorating ideas.

  • Living Room

To create a farm-inspired atmosphere for your living room, one of the best decorating ideas is to hand properly tanned cowhides of various colors on the walls. Compliment these wall hangings with a matching set of scatter cushions covered with tanned cowhides a couch. Also cover a footstool with cowhide. Generally, a farmhouse comes with a large fireplace for the living room, so make the best out if it by placing a set of longhorn bull horns over the fireplace.

  • Kitchen

When it is about the kitchen, farmhouse décor include different country items such as a rooster clock, farm-animal refrigerator magnets, and chicken-themed plaques. One of the best decorating ideas for a farmhouse kitchen is placing a large pine table covered with a red gingham tablecloth and filled with country-themed tableware. Also hang red gingham curtains that match the tablecloth. For a retro vibe, put a brown, hen-shaped crock filled with fresh eggs on the counter. The center of the room can be a beautiful hand-made rag rug. A lot of these farmhouse décor pieces are not so expensive and can be easily found at department stores, yard sales or thrift stores.

  • Bedroom

If you are looking for decorating ideas for the bedroom, consider murals airbrushed onto the walls, portraying geese or ducks flying through clouds. To complete the mural approach, you can have cows or sheep grazing painted at baseboard level. If you are a hunting enthusiast, you can choose duck decoys placed on a wall or shelf, or even arranged on the dresser.

For a low-traffic area of the room, you can place a throw rug picturing an animal or a piece of farm equipment. This option can go well with a matching wallpaper border.

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