Have you ever wished for a famous watch brand but you did not find out which one is the best? Well, you are now about to meet the most famous watch brands from all over the world. As we all know, the watch is an indispensable accessory for any human being, so in this case, people started making investments in this area. Some of us tend to ask why to buy so pricey watches when you can find one for few dollars. The answers can be found worldwide, as more and more watches start to high their prices. Watches are a lot more appreciated by man than by women, which is why watches are the most popular gift ideas. Whether you are planning to buy a watch as a gift for your father or for yourself, choose one of the following watch brands and you won’t regret your choice!

Starting with the all-known Rolex Company, it is the innovator of the water-resistant watch. Still being higher than the clouds, the Rolex watches are resold nowadays for thousands and thousands of dollars, and also, the priciest. For example, if you want to keep up with celebrity fashion trends, you need to have at least one piece of timeless and luxury accessory, and a Rolex watch can be just that. Indeed, the initial investment will cost you a lot, but a watch like Rolex never loses its elegance, and the quality of time-keeping is ensured. Thus, every time you’ll have to change your wardrobe to follow celebrity fashion trends, you will at least have the right accessories, a collection of watches that never loses its value, but which rather gets increased with time. Moving on to its competitor, the Omega watches are not necessarily in the same league as Rolex, because they are less pricey. Though, they have a lot of orders and they are known worldwide, which is a big advantage for a company set up after Rolex.

One of the most important famous watches Brands is Longines. Having almost the same price as Omega, this company is known for its stylish and sophisticated appearance. Also, it is the main Formula One auto racing’s sponsor and the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games. Having men and women’s watches, this company deserves its place. Becoming a force in the watches’ industry, the Seiko Company starts its functionality back in 1970’s. Through its work, Seiko set up in 1990’s the kinetic watch electrically charged by movement, and now it is famous for its sports watches, such as” the Ananta, Sportura, Velatura, Spring Drive, Premier, and Arctura. These watches are very popular for street fashion, and you can get convinced of that by checking out a street fashion blog. In fact, if you are interested in keeping up with the trends, and knowing how to accessorize properly, you can follow a street fashion blog, or several, and get the information and inspiration you need.

The last but not the least from this list, we meet now the Citizen Company. It is the closest Seiko’s rival, being also a Japanese company which offers an extensive line of sports watches. Due to their usage, most of the companies are closer one to the other, so that the main differences would be their name and also, their price. Being able to look through all the models, we are now able to find the one which fit our requirements. Though, all the aspects are important, starting with their color and finishing with their price. The last aspect is less important if you think about the price you can get when reselling it.


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