One of the most wonderful seasons of the year, Fall can also be a perfect time to get married, as a fall wedding is all about senses, especially those referring to color, taste and texture. Below you can find some interesting fall wedding ideas for you to use in order to have a wonderful Fall wedding.

  • Inspiring Decoration

Decorate using rich colors such as browns or yellows, inviting fabrics such as velvets and linens. You can create a rural, elegant atmosphere by decorating with pillows and adding velvet to the light lamps and light fixtures. Other great Fall wedding ideas are piles of seasonal fruit and flowers, but also large glass pitchers filled with champagne sangria and wild berries.

  • Wedding Invitations

Include in your wedding invitation a Fall element such as a vividly colored leaf from a tree. Use golden details, and colors like different shades of brown, Bordeaux or yellow.

  • Creative Floral Decoration

Use your imagination and combine seasonal flowers such as dahlias, gardenias and roses with leaves, tree branches and seasonal fruits, such as black currants and blackberries. To add a rustic touch, include some cozy lanterns.

  • Seasonal Menu

Include in your menu seasonal products such as pumpkins. Choose a colorful menu which features Fall colors such as pumpkin orange, green apple, wild berry red or chestnut brown. Another great idea is to serve chocolate martinis matched with delicious cinnamon mini-cakes.

  • Fall Wedding Cake

Use chocolate, wild berry frosting or hazelnut and walnut filling in order to create an irresistible wedding cake that perfectly completes your Fall wedding. As an alternative, you can serve miniature tarts with seasonal fruit.

  • Wedding Favors

Some great Fall wedding favors include small cinnamon cookies packed in colorful boxes, caramelized apple lollipops, and jars of jam covered with a piece of fabric that matches the wedding`s color theme.

  • Color Palettes

Get inspired from the color palette of the tree leaves and choose shades of bronze, orange, peach, yellow or red. Combine chocolate brown with acid green or blue green in order to create a divine atmosphere. Add a luxurious touch by decorating with gold and red. A classic approach includes chocolate brown paired with pastel colors such as pink or baby blue.

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