Nowadays, it has been said that appearance is everything. But how far does this quote go? Either way we may like it or not, the essence can be seen worldwide, on every street. Who didn’t see at least once in their life a full room of women, where at least one of them was wearing makeup? Of course we all did. Still, in case you are looking for a way of changing your look and you don’t know from where to start, here are few of the eye makeup tips that should help you get going:

First thing you should know about makeup is that before applying anything on your face, it has to be completely clean. Be sure to moisturize your skin as many times as possible for a flawless result. After this step is completely fulfilled, you may start follow the eye makeup tips presented above. You will need a basis, something to which your makeup products will stick for a long-lasting effect. For this, you have to purchase and use a primer. Also, if foundation is not enough for hiding all your imperfections such as under-eye circles or any red spots, don’t forget to apply your concealer and pat it, so that it will stick and blend with your foundation.

Moving on to the next step, here comes the waiting. Any of the eye makeup tips presented should be made with patience, without rushing – it may do harm to both your skin and makeup. After applying and waiting you’re the primer to stick to your eye lids, take a cream eye shadow and apply it all over your lid. Be sure it is a soft color for any makeup you wish to get. By this way, the eye shadows will have a surface on which to stick and not fall as time passes by. Now, take you favorite eye shadow and apply it on your lids, letting the corner unmake up. After that, take a darker color such as dark blue or black and apply it on the corners, blending it with the color applied before. This will give you the sexy look, anytime and anywhere in a short period of time. In addition, get your favorite liquid eyeliner and apply it to your lids, as well as mascara for a perfect finish. We hope that the eye makeup tips presented above will help you get the outcome expected, but don’t forget that practice is everything!

Finally, remember that just because now you can do great makeup doesn’t mean your appearance is always perfect, and you have to learn how to match makeup with outfits. You can find inspiration on a street fashion blog, or use your common sense to practice at home and see what suits you best. However, those who truly want to stay trendy and try new things all the time, can find a lot of help on a street fashion blog and create unique looks for everyday wear as well.

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