Designs for Small Bathrooms

When it is about designs for small bathrooms, the space limitation reduces the options. Still, there are some bathroom design ideas that can transform the tiny space into a good looking one featuring usability elements

First of all, make sure you pick the right colors. Light colors give the impression of space, so pick light shades. On the other hand, dark and heavy colors create the illusion of a smaller space, so try to avoid using them. For an airy and relaxing small bathroom, go for colors in light shades or pastels. Remember that the right mix of colors can make the difference in small bathroom ideas.

Making full use of unused spaces is one of the most important small bathroom ideas. For example, if you want to put in a bath tub, push it against the wall and the problem is solved. Other bathroom design idea is to use corner basins as well as corner shower. Also make sure you efficiently use the overhead spaces by hanging your cabinets, racks or other things. Another important detail for small bathroom design ideas is to let the floor space as free as possible.

In terms of bath accessories, bathrooms design ideas should consider smaller sized items, as they will make the bathroom appear bigger. Also use mirrors, because they create the illusion of a wider space. The best choice is to opt for a simple round shaped mirror, while a wide mirror placed from one end of the wall to the other can be perfect if the small bathroom is not too cramped.

Light is vital for bathroom design ideas. Wide windows are a blessing for small bathrooms, because natural light also adds a wider space perception. In addition, a window is not only a source of natural sunlight, but also a source of fresh air.

Another trick is to think minimalist. Stick to the essentials elements and try to not use too many accessories. After all, for small bathroom ideas, all you need is a little imagination and some creativity to arrive to a unique approach.

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