Design a business card that rocks


If you want to spread word about your business and the services you offer, then you have to invest in business cards. These pieces of paper stand the test of time and they help people remember what your company brings on the market. Modern business cards are more than a paper which has written on it your website addresses and contact number, they are amazing tools for sharing your business message to potential clients and partners. As a business owner, you do not want to miss the opportunity of making a first memorable impression, so you may strive to choose a great business card model.

Only try to imagine you leave an important meeting with some businesspersons that can be great partners for your company, and you have to exchange business cards. Do you have any drawbacks in doing this? Many people miss the opportunity of exchanging contact details with possible partners, because they do not feel the cards they have represent who they are, and their company. If you want to read more about what it takes to design a business card, then you should check some online guides. Your business card is a reflection of who you are, so you should make sure that you make an excellent first impression with your unique business card. Check the following paragraphs for detailed information on how to design an exquisite business card.

A business card is a simple pass-off

The majority of designers state that business cards should not be created in an extravagant way, because they will be transformed in annoying pieces of paper, and they will not make the impression you want to get. It does not matter the setting or style of the business card, you have to make sure that you keep it simple. The purpose of exchanging them with other businesspersons is to be able to communicate later after your meeting. If you will offer them a complicated card with erratic structures they will not find easy to place it in their pockets, and they will have difficulties in remembering the information, because the design will distract them.

You should stick with shapes as rectangles and squares, because if you opt for ones that evoke playfulness you may create a wrong impression.

Your business card is your branding tool

You have the role to promote the brand of your company, so you should make sure that when you design your business card, it stands for your firm’s culture. When you pass around cards to possible partners, nothing makes them more powerful tools than branding and backup imagery. Embossed logos will make the piece of paper stand out. Also, if you want the card to have impact on the person who receives it, you can add shiny or holographic techniques over the logo. It will create a futuristic look. This is an amazing technique to make your business card shine, because this is the tool every businessman needs to impress.

When you design a business card you have to keep in mind marketing strategies. Your firm’s logo or icon is the best tool you can use to make people recognize your brand.

Typography is important

Many people ignore the role of typography when it comes to business cards. You should know that the ones who will hold it will be interested in reading the information from it. This means that you have to be sure that it is neatly spaced and legible. The majority of cards offer poor quality-optics, and you want to avoid this. There has to be a contrast between the background and the color of the text. If people become frustrated when trying to read the information from the card, they will give up, which means that you can lose clients or possible partners.

It is important to highlight different sections from the card, so people’s attention will be pointed to the details you want.

Browse through design galleries

You are not the first person who is looking for a business card, so you should check the gallery of the provider you decided to work with. You may like a model they have printed before, or you may want to combine features of multiple ones. In case you want to print them by yourself, then you can take a look at the models graphic designers suggest, because you will definitely find something interesting.

Before choosing one, you should check at least 25 different designs. In this way you will make an image on what you prefer, and you will not struggle to come with your own model. You are not a graphic designer, so it will be difficult to create a business card from scratch.