Dehumidifiers and 3 Most Frequent Signs That You Need a Dehumidifier

Maintaining an adequate level of humidity in your home is imperative for your health. Too little humidity can affect your level of comfort and cause chapped and dry lips; moreover, it can even lead to cracks in the furniture made of wood. In the opposite corner, an increased level of humidity can have a negative impact on your health, as a consequence of the mold and fungus that grow due to the excessive humidity. Dehumidifiers are the solution for excessive moisture issues.

To find out the exact level of humidity in your home, measure it with a hygrometer and then you will know what needs to be done: buy a humidifier if there is not enough humidity or buy a dehumidifier if there is too much moisture. If it is detected a high level of humidity, then you should immediately read more than one 2015 dehumidifier review and find a suitable dehumidifier for your home. If you don’t have a hygrometer, consider whether your home has displayed any of the following three signs:


There are some clear signs that frequently occur when there is too much humidity in the room: condensation, which can be formed around the windows and patio door on the interior glass, drops of water on the windows, or vapor of fog on the glass. Either your humidifier is too large for the size of your room and produces too much humidity, or there are other causes that need to be inspected. Too much moisture on the windows can ultimately affect your wooden casings, making them rot. Furthermore, condensation leads to mold that looks like a dark or black grunge on the bottom window edge. Dehumidifiers help ensure a proper level of humidity in your house. Make sure to rotate the dehumidifier towards the affected areas.

2. Mold

Too much moisture in your bathroom will cause the growth of mold on the ceiling and in the upper corners of the walls, as a consequence of all the rising steam. Most bathrooms do not have windows to vent all the steam remained after taking a bath or a shower; instead, they have fans that are usually no so powerful and efficient in diverting the moisture and steam and to the outdoors; hence mold problems arise. Dehumidifiers are very useful in these areas, but remember: you need to inspect the root of the problem. Otherwise, you can buy the best rated dehumidifier, but the problem will keep appearing again and again, and might even worsen in time.

3. Musty smell

If you sense a musty smell or odor in small spaces, garages, basements, entrances, it means that there is mold somewhere. Mold causes serious health problems, and until you investigate and find the cause of these problems (such as improper window or door seals, etc.) you can buy a dehumidifier to immediately solve the moisture problem that will only increase the level of mold.

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