Take your home furnishing update on an adventure instead of choosing similar patterns and designs that your home already features. If you have a flair for fun and whimsy, why keep that to yourself. Share your distinctive personality each time your guests, friends and family walk in the door.

Browsing through online web pages for www.bombaycombany.com will probably feel like deja vu, as if you could have come up with that Hawthorne the Hound Side Table on your own. Since you didn’t, you might start imagining where it would arouse the most conversation for an upcoming party.

In addition to the most fanciful fare, the Bombay Company features a large selection of useful, decorative and well-made products for your home.

  • Furnishings

Find gorgeous hand-crafted furniture for your kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and storage or office space. Create an air of mystery with items such as the Diamond Nailhead Chest in black and silver or brown and antique brass. Toss your keys onto a hall table in style with the Louis XV Hall Table in red, black or gold leaf, or place your favorite fern on a Torchere Plant Stand in mahogany. Continue your search and find Emile Benches, several types of Ottomans, tea carts, writing desks, mahogany filing cabinets, wine cabinets and so many other basics and extras to create just the right accents around the house.

The metal and mahogany bed frames stand to fill your bedroom with a touch of grandeur. Since the mahogany frames come as four-poster beds, you can design and create the canopy of your choice. The selection of chest of drawers and vanities will help you to easily coordinate your bedroom’s furnishings.

With bar stools, country counter stools, saddle counter stools and velvet bar stools, you should have no problem seating your dinner guests. The side board cabinets and wine racks will add a sophisticated touch to your dining and entertaining areas of your home. The Bronze Scroll Wine Rack might just be the hit of any party with its unique design.

To turn up the level of whimsy with your side tables that come in a variety of clever designs and styles. Choose from Samson the Elephant, the Brigitte Side Table, the Frog Side Table, Sir Charles the Dog Side Table, Henri the Butler Side Table, the Rooster Side Table or any of the other uniquely designed side tables to use for entertaining.

  • Accents and Decor

In addition to the fun collection of side tables, you will find a large collection of accents and home decor to make things even more lively. The Moroccan Tile Toothbrush Holder will be a fun treat for friends and family who stay in your guest bedroom and adjacent bathroom. The multiple shards of glass reflect the lighting and your countertop to create a sparkling glow. Find rugs, draperies, curtains, Moroccan Tile Shower Curtain Rings, rugs, Chinese checker sets, framed clocks, iron table clocks, vases, jewelry boxes, lamps and so much more.

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