Decorating Ideas for Drapes on Walls

When you start decorating your room, you need to pay a huge interest on the wall drapes. Even though at the first sight it may seem something insignificant, in fact this factor counts a lot for the look of the room and for its effect on your mood. This is why we have come with some decorating ideas for drapes on walls.

Apart from covering your windows, it will improve the general aspect of your walls and it can hide the damages within the wall structure. We will start by presenting you the wall-mounted cornices. They are different from the normal curtain rod. You place two of them on the wall and include the margins of the drapes within their holes.

These decorating drapes create a soft look of the room. We also recommend you to use a wall sconce. Due to their holes, your drapes will be kept tightly in their positions. You can think of a flat top on which it would be nice to arrange some decorative objects.

Another option refers to wide curtain rods. They have a rather basic look and its length will be the same with your room. You will need a kit that will keep the rod tight or place the rod on the ceiling and let it fall. According to the room you might want to have, a smaller or a bigger one, choose the position of the rod and enjoy the relaxing environment.

Some elements of drapes décor also refer to the swag. It is made of a single piece of material that falls from one droop to another. You can use a different colored one and make your room even more fashionable.

In case you have a small room and you want to have a bigger one but have no idea how to make it look larger, you should think of a fake window. You can obtain it by adding two extra-large decorating drapes and on the free part of the wall between the droops, you can let your imagination develop its creativity.

Your room is supposed to be your own space, so feel free to customize it according to your own preferences. Do not be ashamed to put your talent into value and do whatever it takes to modify its general look and dimensions using wall drapes!

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