Company culture and working environment. How do they affect your employee’s productivity?


Companies across the world invest many of their resources for creating a comprehensive and coherent company culture. The philosophy, the dress code, the working environment, the vision, they are all established so they fit certain parameters, and they change as the company’s dynamic changes. Companies are not static entities, they continuously grow and develop, and with them, the previous coordinates. Many claim that establishing certain work attire has a great impact on the employees’ productivity levels. Others, that the working environment has an even greater impact. Thus, many struggle to find the perfect blend of workplace requirements in order to stimulate the employee’s productivity. But is this possible? Does a company’s staff work better if the management invests in janitorial services Toronto, let’s say? Will their productivity decrease if they must comply with a series of attire requirements if they don’t align with their personal preferences? We will analyse all these coordinates in the following paragraphs and find out as well as make suggestions on how a healthy working environment should be for increasing the productivity levels.

Company culture and productivity

If you start noticing that everybody’s putting their best in the company, but the results fail to appear, there might be necessary some work in terms of company culture. You must take into account three coordinates when adjusting it.

Because oftentimes true managers, better said true leaders, came to their managing position after years of hard work and dedication to the company, many find it difficult to delegate tasks to their subordinates. Many fear that by doing so they might be throwing years of hard work out the window. Who knows, maybe their subordinates are incompetent and they cannot properly deal with all the tasks the manager can. But, truth is, when a leader micromanages everything the employees are doing, some dangers appear: the phenomenon of leader burnout, which is focused towards themselves, the inability to grow, having the manager as a central point once again, and low productivity levels. These downsides are well researched up until the present time. Fact is, when an employee feels that they are not in control of their own work and tasks, that they are not accountable in the company, they are more likely to become less and less productive and ultimately leave the company for one that has a different management culture.

  • Private office or open offices?

A hot topic lately is if having an open office allows your employees to be more productive than a private one. Fact is, whilst this option might come with plenty of benefits, there are some challenges of working in such an office as well. Many find the atmosphere in an open office very disturbing and tend to be less attentive, while many are motivated by it. It might be better to offer the two options for your employees, and let them decide what type of office they are more productive in.

  • Casual or business attire?

Golf shirt or business shirt? That is the question! Of course, many gave up the business office attire and started wearing outfits that are more casual at the workplace. But this is not applicable in the case of all workplaces. Recent studies have shown that the outfit a person is wearing at work affect their alertness levels. If they feel comfortable in it, they are more likely to work slower and it leads to a decline in the worker’s output. Business attire, on the other hand, makes the employees more alert and productive. Thus, keep that suit pants policy in force!

Working environment and productivity

If you are thinking that how clean a working environment is, is not affecting your employee’s productivity, think again! Researchers have discovered that a clean, properly lightened environment will improve your employee’s working capacity and productivity. A company’s management should think about investing in professional cleaning services instead of delegating them to their employees. If a company relies on their own employees for maintaining a clean working environment, not only the results won’t be extraordinary, but the employees’ moral will also decrease.

  • Advantages of hiring professional corporate cleaning services

When externalising the cleaning tasks to a professional team, the amount of time spent on these tasks will decrease, while the quality of the work will be significantly improved. These teams have the experience, tools and substances needed for assuring exquisite work and prepare the environment in such a manner that it will increase your employee’s productivity. A clean working environment will eliminate the sources of distraction and anxiety that appear in a chaotic workplace. Window cleaning services are also necessary for assuring a proper indoor lighting, which also increases the productivity levels. Proper lighting plays a big role in the brain’s normal functioning, and while during the winter seasons, when the days are shorter the lack of light is compensated by artificial light, during the summer seasons it is necessary to assure proper natural light. Generally, the products used by these companies are eco-friendly and they don’t have a negative impact on the employee’s health like the chemical substances used by untrained teams.  

  • Services you should consider investing in for increasing your employee’s productivity

If you ever consider hiring professional cleaning services, consider the following ones:

  • Dust control programs, for a healthy working environment.
  • Carpet cleaning services, perfect for preventing allergies and other similar health issues.
  • Restroom cleaning services, for a comfortable working experience.
  • Window cleaning services, for more natural light.

These are the arguments for paying increased attention to the company culture and the work environment you provide for your employees. As you can easily notice, they all modify and affect the way in which your employees work and how productive they are.

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