If you want to stay on a budget when shopping for a tower fan, but still get a quality product even if it’s not expensive, you need to read the following lines to see what are the best deals on tower fans out there. Here you will find some of the cheapest tower fans that are efficient nonetheless.

Holmes HT38RB-U

The Holmes HT38RB-U comes at the amazing price of $40, being very cheap and affordable to anyone. Nevertheless, according to numerous tower fan ratings, the Holmes HT38RB-U is quite efficient, despite its small price. It has a remote control which allows you to control it from distance, and it has two different oscillation directions, going 90 degrees to one side or the other, depending on what you choose. This tower fan is efficient in small or medium sized rooms, and just like the best models out there, it stands over 3 feet tall, being enough for it to blow air over most beds and furniture pieces.

Lasko Wind Curve 2554

This model costs only $63, and it has a very interesting design which makes it a great addition to any type of room due to its faux wood paneling aspect.
Even if it costs so little, the Lasko Wind Curve 2554 doesn’t cheap out on useful features, having the ionization feature to purify your air while cooling it too, a timer that you can set anywhere between 30 minutes and 7 and a half hours for your convenience, it has 3 speeds at which it circulates the air in the room, and it oscillates at 90 degrees as well.

Honeywell Fresh Breeze HY-048BP

This tower fan comes at the price of $66, and like all of the Honeywell tower fans, it’s efficient and stylish. Generally, when it comes to price/quality ratio, Honeywell always scores the best tower fan ratings. Some of the most interesting and useful aspects of this particular tower fan are the fact that it has a 12 hour timer, being an equal to other more expensive models when it comes to this element, it has a breeze mode for a more natural airflow, and temperature control. As well as the Lasko tower fan we talked about previously, this model is most efficient in small or medium sized rooms.

Lasko Xtra Air T48310

We have another entry in our list from Lasko, the Lasko Xtra Air T48310, which costs only $68. As well as the Lasko Wind Curve 2554, it has an ionizer with which it purifies the air from the room you use it in.
It oscillates 90 degrees to offer complete coverage of the room, it has a remote control for easier use, and it has a programmable timer to save energy as well.

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