Most Common Causes of Birth Injury

A birth injury is defined by the National Vital Statistics Report as an impairment of a baby’s function or structure due to “an adverse event that occurred at birth.” It is estimated under this definition that birth injuries happen approximately 2.6 per 1,000 live births. 

The causes of birth injuries are many, but there are some common causes that show up in lawyer’s offices every year. That is because birth injuries place an incredible financial burden on the families impacted, and they are compensated because these tragic events should never have happened. If this sounds familiar, it may help you find a lawyer to help your family understand if you are one of the millions of families that deserves compensation for this horrifying event in your lives.

Types of Birth Injury

The most common birth injuries fall into 3 categories and include orthopedic injuries, brain damage, and nerve damage. They often last for the life of the baby.

In these three categories are a number of problems and disorders that will impact the entire life of the child. The most common birth injuries seen by lawyers are:

• Cerebral palsy

• Erbs palsy

• Oxygen deprivation

• Broken bones and muscle damage

• Spinal cord injury

• Death 

The difference between the tragedy of a baby being born with a serious health problem, and a tragic birth injury is negligence. This is why so many parents want to find a lawyer after a birth injury. If it could have been prevented, and you can show that, you will be entitled to compensation to make up for the financial burden a birth injury places on the family. 

When a lawyer can see the negligence through identifying the cause of your child’s birth injury, they will let you know if you have cause to file a lawsuit.

Birth Injury Causes

There are a number of birth injury cases that can be prevented. These are the most common:

• Delayed birth: Labor lasts longer than 18 hours, a dangerous problem that adds unnecessary pressure on a child’s brain. This can be prevented with a cesarean section.

• Oxygen deprivation: When a baby loses oxygen, they could suffer an injury that lasts their entire life. Monitors during labor are important for this purpose alone, if they are not being used or watched properly, it could be negligence, minimum.

• Malpractice: Excessive force or negligence during labor will lead to injury. 

Find a Lawyer

If any of this sounds familiar, you may need a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve to help your family as your child grows up. If the birth injury that you are dealing with could have and would have been prevented if other medical personnel were there that day, then you probably need a lawyer. 

Most birth injury lawyers offer free consultations so that you can have these questions answered clearly without additional burdens. Seek expert advice to get to the bottom of the cause of your baby’s injury, and fight for the justice you deserve.

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