Can a Plastic Surgery Restore Your Self Esteem

Beauty has always been a controversial subject. The concept of beauty is constantly changing and at a certain level, we can even talk about beauty fashion trends. Lately, an increasing trend has conquered the celebrity world, and it is slowly but steadily taking over the rest of the world as well: the plastic surgery trend. A lot of women turn to plastic surgeries because their self esteem has been damaged due to unreal beauty concepts advertised all over the world. Fashion shows, women magazines and most ads for that matter feature perfect women. It seems that the image of a beautiful woman has become a selling point for all products and services. As such, it is no wonder that even genuinely beautiful women feel insecure. However, the real question is: can a plastic surgery truly restore your self esteem?

Plastic surgeries as a solution to physical flaws

Plastic surgeries first appeared as a way to correct birth physical flaws or permanent physical damages caused by accidents. However, as this field of medicine perfected itself, it also started to appeal to healthy people (mostly women) who had some physical complexes. For example, if you check out some Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after pictures, you will notice some slight transformations that this already beautiful celebrity suffered. Anna was lucky enough to end up with some natural results as her plastic surgeries clearly improved her image. However, Anna was beautiful to begin with and a lot of people would agree that even though the results of her surgeries were positive, she did not really need these interventions and she should not have subjected herself to such a risk. The truth is that Anna is a lucky case, as numerous others celebrities were not as lucky. Some celebrities who turned to plastic surgeries for comfort ended up looking fake while others were even somehow disfigured.

Plastic surgeries as a solution to low self esteem

The best health advice for any person who is willing to undergo a surgery is to learn the risks involved by that surgery. Plastic surgeries come with two major risks: a physical damage risk and a psychological risk which involves addiction to these procedures. Lets go back to the Anna Faris plastic surgery before and after pictures. As we already said, this woman did not need surgery. Nevertheless, she turned to it because the show business is cruel and when the eyes of the whole world are on you, you can help but feel insecure. However, we can’t help but wonder whether these surgeries will be the only ones that Anna will undergo. A lot of celebrities became so addicted to surgeries that they lost connection to reality and could no longer appreciate their beauty in real terms. When your self esteem is based solely on your physical appearance, you will always be battling insecurities. No one can fight the process of aging and contrary to popular beliefs, plastic surgeries can’t give you your youth back. As such, the best health advice that we can give to women who see plastic surgeries as beauty giving miracles, would be to learn to accept themselves and age with grace. Self confidence is something that comes from within, and unless you learn to accept yourself, you can never be truly happy. Moreover, true beauty often comes from happiness and strong attitude.

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