Bridal makeup tips

There comes a day in every women’s life when all her wishes are coming true. Are you wondering when is it ought to be? We’ll tell you – at his wedding. Every bride wants to look good, because feeling goof gives you the self-esteem deserved and craved for by all of us, especially by the brides! Having said that, besides the preparations which have a big importance at every wedding, the brides’ dress, makeup and hair can’t be let alone! Of course the one that carries the biggest headache is the dress – still, the rest of them (makeup and hair) cover the details, and they are known for making the difference! If you wish to know what you can wear at your wedding, here are a few bridal makeup tips to help you get going:

First thing you need to have in your mind is your skin. Be sure yours is clean and clear before applying any makeup product, as well as having your skin always moisturized. This will help you keeping any harmful impurities contacting your face, and the result to be the one expected. Then, apply the foundation and the concealer where is needed, such as in the under-eye circles to hide them and at any of the red dots your skin may have problems with. Also, apply a soft red or pink blush, but not too much of it and brush the excess off, as you don’t want to have a makeup too heavy for your bride that may stain your dress. We know you don’t!

Moving on to the next step, as the bride has to be simply beautiful both in reality and in the pictures, be sure you use the eyeliner! Get a thin coat of liner, especially the black one to make your eyes look bigger and flawless. Also, to remove any black stains that may appear next to your eyes, use a highlight and a white pencil on your waterline. It will help you get the outcome expected and will give you the pass for the next step from the bridal makeup tips.

Apply a soft shadow to your lids and a darker color to your crease and blend them, so that the transition won’t be dramatically noticed. Also, don’t forget to add mascara (preferably the black color) for a full coverage and a lipstick of the color desired for coloring the best day of your life!

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