Bob haircut is one of those classic haircuts that have managed to remain at the top of women’s preferences worldwide more than 100 years, despite the ever-changing trends. Know more about types of bob haircuts:

  • Classic. Classic bob is very easy to hairstyle and suits to any face cut and type of hair, both straight and curly hair. The classic bob haircut gives the impression of more volume.
  •  Asymmetrical. Asymmetrical bob gained notoriety in early 2000 and it seems it doesn’t go out of trend. The asymmetrical bob is shorter in front and increasingly longer to the chin, but is not equal on both sides. For example, a part is long to the shoulders, while the opposite part stops at the chin.
  • Bob haircut with asymmetrical bangs. This haircut is very short in the back and goes to the face in asymmetrical bangs. You should paid attention to the bangs that must be arranged so that its asymmetrical line is very well highlighted.
    •  Short bob. This type of bob haircut reminiscent of the 90s. Cut very short with bangs, this type of haircut may not be very comfortable and not very easy to hairstyle, if your hair lacks volume.

Moreover, if you have a round face a short haircut may not be the best option.

  • Bob haircut with short bangs. This haircut is uniform; it has the same length from the neck to the chin. What set this haircut apart is the short bangs which is along the entire length of the face.

Short haircuts must suit your face cut. For girls and women with oval face would be best to opt for a long bob up to the lips. This type of haircut will fit your face perfectly. Meanwhile, a round face it suits best a haircut with bangs and the length should be up to the chin. If you want to see more short haircuts in order to determine which style would suit you best, visit SHaircuts.Net and you’ll definitely improve your options. Find out what is trendy and learn how to spot which haircuts are ideal for your features.

This haircut has found fans also among celebrities, who find it very elegant. You don’t want to waste money and time on a haircut that does not suit your face cut. Also, make sure it suits your hair texture. This type of short haircut will suit you, if your hair texture is soft and in good conditions. Maintain your bob haircut with conditioning shampoo and don’t forget to trim it if you notice split ends.  It is good to trim your hair every six weeks, to maintain its form.

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