If the Halloween party is right around the corner and you haven’t thought about the costume you will wear, you don’t have to panic as there are plenty of last-minute costume ideas you can try on. Discover in the following article some of the cheapest, fastest and easiest ideas that will help you create the best Halloween costumes 2015, and enjoy the Halloween party as if you had been preparing for it for a very long time.

The Grumpy Cat

Everybody knows about the famous Grumpy Cat that has won the Internet over the past years, but who wold have thought that the grumpy pet could become a great cheap and easy to make Halloween costume? All you will need are some makeup products, a pair of cat ears and some painting skills to draw a frowned expression on your face, just like the one the Grumpy Cat always displays. This is an original idea and it will certainly make for one of the best Halloween costumes 2015.

The sexy Marilyn Monroe

Every woman has a white dress in her closet, not to mention a pair of high heels and these two items can help you create a great last-minute Halloween costume. All you have to do once you have the outfit is to create the famous makeup of this diva and her famous hairdo. A blonde wig will solve the blonde hair issue if your natural hair color is not blonde.

Addams Family female characters

For brunette women, Morticia or Wednesday Addams are perfect last-minute costumes that are very easy to put together. For Morticia, you will need a long black dress, preferably with long flared sleeves, and a Gothic makeup. If Wednesday is your favorite character, a black knee-long dress with a white shirt underneath and a pair of black leggings and shoes are enough to match two side-braided tails.

The vampire Dracula

Men can easily become a vampire for Halloween even if they didn’t buy a costume long before the event. Since any man owns a black suit, they will only need a black cape to match the suit and a pair of vampire fangs. A well-done makeup will make them look like a genuine vampire who is thirsty for blood.

A street mime

Another idea of a last-minute Halloween costume is the mime, that funny entertainer you notice on the streets. If you have always admired their skills and passion, you can easily become a mime with a pair of black pants, a striped shirt, a pair of suspenders, a French beret and a pair of white gloves. Don’t forget about the white mask makeup and practice on your mimic skills to entertain your friends.


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