Do you want to buy a quality activity tracker that will meet all your needs, but you have no idea what to purchase? If so, then our fitness tracker reviews will definitely be welcomed. Therefore, take a look at the following best and worst activity trackers, available on the market today.

Highly recommended activity trackers

Garmin Vivosmart HR+ is one of the best fitness trackers, available in the shops at the moment. It is highly recommended for running, due to the fact that it can easily and accurately track your heart rate, your steps, calories burned, and more. A week of battery life is offered by this unit, which is great, in comparison with other products that offer a lot less. Another highly recommended device of this type is Fitbit Alta. This unit is very comfortable to wear, and it has an elegant design as well. Overall, it is definitely a real head turner. It can record your sleep, steps, and elevation as well. Moreover, basic notification is delivered to the wrist. Fitbit Blaze is another fantastic choice. You will be able to track your steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, resting heart rate, active time, and even the quality of your sleep. Fitbit Blaze, just like the other devices mentioned earlier, are highly recommended and considered some of the best ones, due to the fact that are very accurate.

Activity trackers that you must avoid

Now that we have talked about the best fitness trackers available on the market at the moment, it is now time to talk a bit about the models that you need to avoid. There are a few models that do not do such a great job. For example, Fitbit Flex and Garmin Vivofit 2 are not very accurate, and their batteries last a very short period of time. In a maximum of 3 days, you will need to recharge these devices. Jawbone UP3 is another fitness tracker that you must avoid, due to the same reasons. Moreover, they are not comfortable to wear at all, and they are quite expensive in comparison with other models that can offer a lot more for a reasonable price. By knowing what are the best and worst activity trackers, you will actually find a lot easier to make the right choice for you.

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