Becoming a Chief Executive Officer

For those interested in reaching the status of a CEO, it should first be remembered that a degree won’t necessarily be of great value in this position. It is common sense and hard work that puts most people in the position of a chief executive officer. Let’s go ahead and dive head first into the duties of a CEO as well as what can be done to help achieve this title.

  • What Does a Chief Executive Officer Do?

A CEO, such as Chief Executive Officer Gary Crittenden, works directly alongside any other top executives. These people work together to create corporate policies and visions. Most times, it is the CEO who is considered the top-operator of a company, and it is to him or her that most valuable business decisions are directed to. Many times, to fill this type of position, a bachelor’s or master’s degree will be of the utmost value; however, it is not uncommon for a person to reach CEO status with no type of degree at all. Most CEOs work their way up the corporate ladder by first taking on an assortment of lower-level positions.

  • Becoming a Chief Executive Officer

For those who are interested in becoming a CEO, the following career path can be followed. Following this career path does not guarantee employment as a CEO; however, it does increase one’s employment opportunities, which is crucial in being able to work as a person who has the experience to become a chief executive officer.

Earning a bachelor’s degree: While attending college, the first goal should be to acquire a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Other areas in which a student can major include liberal arts or public administration. If a person knows that he or she wants to become a CEO of a certain business, such as a medical-related business, it would of course be good to major in an appropriate field, such as health care administration.
Earning a master’s degree: To increase one’s chances of becoming a CEO, it will be of the utmost benefit to earn a master’s degree in a field of study that directly relates to the field in which the perosn wants to become employed. Earning a master’s degree will take about one to three years beyond earning a bachelor’s, meaning the total amount of time takes about five to eight years.
Gain experience: Since earning a degree takes anywhere from four to eight years, it is during this time that much experience needs to be acquired. When it comes to being a successful CEO, it should be remembered that experience on all levels will be of the utmost value. Because of this, taking on internships will prove to be very valuable. Whether it be working as a janitor or lower-level accountant, any position will help a person to advance as a CEO. It is through hands-on experience and internships that all CEOs learn how to be successful.

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