Beauty Trends That Need to Die This Year


The year is almost half, but we still think that some of the beauty trends out there have to die a merciless death this year. Some of you might guess which those trends are, some not, but nonetheless, we are not sorry for the trends that have ruined 2017 and part of 2018 with their lack of style and common sense, in some cases. Below is our top.

Wired manicure trends

You may have seen before some ugly manicure, but nothing can compare with the horror manicure trends that were on a wave last year. People were putting on their nails some weird objects, anything from succulents, to figurines and even fake fur. Truth is, this isn’t only looking like a horrendous manicure, but it is also a petri dish for bacteria to grow and develop in peace. Instead, try a simple, short or medium nail manicure. Simply pick and choose from all the amazing colours out there. From delicate nudes, to deep dark colours, there are some incredible options that will make you look classy and put-together. There is no need to go overboard with impractical manicure choices.

Using various objects as beauty blenders

Out of curiosity, or need, maybe, some have begun to put makeup on their faces with the help of various objects, including, but not limited to condoms, even food. Stop that. Not only it’s not hygienic, at the experts at various beauty schools claim, but it will also turn your makeup into a mess. If you lack proper tools or makeup brushes, use the tools which mother nature gave you: your hands. While it is preferable to have a good brush for each step of your makeup, using your hands and fingers, properly washed in advance, for applying your foundation and even cream eye products is preferable to those objects that don’t have their place in a makeup routine. A beauty blender will cost you only several dollars and it is a far better alternative to those objects. Invest in one!

Eyebrow insanity

Out of nowhere, all Instagram gurus started at a point to create weird and excessive brow designs. Generally including beads, sequins, glitter and mini Christmas tree decorations, all over the place eyebrows, feather eyebrows. All kinds of eyebrows. And the natural question that pops in everybody’s mind is “Why?”. For apparently no reason, this is a trend. This is not beautiful, not classy, not appealing. It exists just to shock and turn heads. Instead, why not just sparingly pluck your eyebrows, in their natural form, make them suit your face and frame your traits in a natural fashion. You will tank yourself for this later. And don’t do the mistake to overpluck your brows. Go to ax expert in cosmetologist and have them professionally done.

Fake freckles

People are tattooing all kinds of things on their faces, but maybe one of the most obnoxious of those is the fake freckle trend. Although it may not be permanent, this kind of tattoo may fade in a dubious mark, or even leave scarring. Why destroy a perfectly beautiful face? Instead, accept your own appearance with everything that comes with it. Avoid glitter freckles as well. While glitter looks amazing in small doses, plenty of it won’t do you any favour. If you want to make your face stand out, put on a bright red lipstick and a winged eyeliner. It will make you look classy, stand out of the crowd while keeping it simple and safe for your face.

Patterned leggings. And nude leggings

Unless you are a college girl that is going to study at the university library, nobody should be allowed to wear these fashion abominations in public. At home, those may be fine. When it comes to leggings, these tend to bring upfront all the imperfections that one might have. And while comfort plays a great role when choosing our clothing articles, it is not always acceptable to wear those in public. Patterned ones are the worst, next to nude ones. Simply because the nude ones will make the wearer appear…naked. Instead, go for a comfortable pair of stretchy jeans. These work amazingly and have a decent look. Also, if you choose the right pair, you have higher chances of feeling just as comfortable as you would in a pair of leggings.


Sincerely, nobody finds jumpsuits appealing, and the fashion industry has to stop this trend. While we admit that those clothing articles look incredibly comfortable, there are few cases in which those make the wearer look remotely classy or fashionable. They generally feature a baggy crotch area, which is unattractive in most of the cases. The fabrics, while they look great, designed in this fashion make everything look sloppy. If you want to enjoy the comfort offered by jumpsuits, but look classy, invest in a dress. A dress that hits above your ankle will create an amazing visual effect, while allowing you to freely move.

Dry, matte, flaky lips

While we admit that matte lipstick looks incredible on some lips, if yours are flaky, better skip it and apply a more nourishing lip product. Ultra dry lips have never looked too good, and if you can’t manage the flakiness of yours, it’s rather simple to avoid that type of lipstick.

Too much contouring

Men, especially, seem to be unable to understand the whole concept behind this. But men can’t simply understand many trends that women follow. However, when it comes to extreme contouring, things are different. While a touch of bronzing powder and highlighter have the capacity of making you look healthier and happier, overdoing these will look incredibly bad. While from the front it will look that there are some shadows, thanks to your very structured cheekbones, from the side it looks like a dirt spot, in most of the cases. Keep it simple. A blush and a touch highlighter will certainly do the trick.

These are some trends that fashion and beauty experts think that ultimately have to die a painful death in 2018, and we fully agree!

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