One of the essential rooms of your homes, the bedroom should be fully comfortable and reflect our personality, as this nest of security should be the most personal and most intimate place. Find inspiration in the beautiful bedroom ideas below and create you.

When designing bedroom interiors, two of the major styles to take into consideration are the Oriental and the Contemporary one. Each of them is captivating and inspiring, so make your choice and create you perfect bedroom, according to what defines you best.

Oriental themes are focused on paying tribute to the beauty of nature. This bedroom decorating is suitable for large rural houses, where large rooms look empty and lifeless if they are not decorated. The Oriental style means hanging on the wall pictures in huge frames, lining up jars and statues on the bedroom furniture and putting draped over the windows. Still, all these bedroom decorating items should follow a single unified theme. The main purpose of Oriental bedroom interiors is to give a rustic and cozier atmosphere.

Contemporary style is defined by functionality and efficiency. A contemporary bedroom design means this room is maximized for the only purpose of sleeping, as the aesthetic look is not a main objective. Designed to be fully efficient with not added fuss, the contemporary bedroom does not require high maintenance with its cleaning. This style is suitable for urban living, where there is no so much space.

First, select the wall color. Remember that the color of the room influences your mood, so it is advisable to go for a neutral color which is not stimulating. However, if you’re looking for something more energetic, more daring, there are many decoration quotes that can help you come up with a good solution that fits your personality.

Once the walls are painted, choose the bedroom furniture. Feel free to create a theme that defines your personality. If the bedroom is large, make the space cozier. You can do this by making divisions within the room that separates the room entrance away from the bedroom. Make sure you arrange the bedroom furniture so that you won`t bump into things unexpectedly. For smaller bedrooms, the main objective is to create the illusion of more space. Try to stick to a simple design, with decors that fit the theme of the room.

Add some color to bedroom interiors by framing the windows with matching drapes. Keep in mind that heavy drapes give a romantic vibe, while lighter drapes make the atmosphere more airy. To compliment the bedroom furniture, use linens, bedspreads, pillows and other bedroom decorating items that match the style of the room.

As far as the pillows go, check out the top bamboo pillows. This type of pillows are gaining more and more popularity, due to the fact that they are highly comfortable. Not only do they provide a good neck support, but the bamboo exterior also stays cool. We all know how good it feels when we switch to the other side of the pillow and we feel the cold fabric on our warm faces. Imagine, not having to switch to the other side of the pillow, as the pillow would always stay cold. This is exactly what you get if you choose one of the top bamboo pillows. As you can see, when decorating a home, you must also consider practical factors, as shapes and colors will only create visual impact, but a home must also be comfortable and practical.

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