Balloon sinuplasty surgery – An innovative sinus surgery

Statistics show that over 40 millions of people in the United States suffer from chronic sinusitis, which turns their lives into a nightmare due to the sinus pain, as well as all the other symptoms which usually last for a long period of time. A wide range of elements that can be easily found everywhere around us, especially in the house, are responsible for sinus infections, which in the last stage simply drain a patient of all his energy and make him unable to get involved in daily activities. In this case, a  septoplasty Los Angeles  represents the best course of action, especially when drug treatments become ineffective. Although this is one of the most common and simple surgeries, placing nasal packs or splints in the nose is one of the most uncomfortable things that a person can experience. Fortunately, the advent of new medical  technologies has turned this surgical intervention into an almost innocuous procedure, called  balloon sinuplasty surgery. It is a very safe procedure so you won’t have to worry about medical errors and the troubles of dealing with medical negligence solicitors. However in order to put your mind at ease you should inform yourself about the pros and cons of this procedure. On you can learn what to do is you deal with a cosmetic surgery malpractice and what you can do in order to prevent such situations.

Balloon sinuplasty surgery represents a step forward in the field of  septoplasty Los Angeles because practitioners work on a whole new premise and make use of cutting-edge technology, which is highly efficient and non-invasive. This new technique provides remarkable results in different medical centers across the globe, although LA is the on place to go when you face persistent sinus infections. This area boasts many dedicated clinics that specialize in all sorts of nose, ear and throat surgeries and they have a good track record for providing lasting results through less invasive surgical interventions. For instance, the conventional endoscopic sinus surgery, which is a traditional procedure where the practitioner examines the interior of the nose and the openings of the paranasal sinus with all sorts of microtelescopes and instruments, has been replaced by  balloon sinuplasty surgery, which doesn’t involve cutting the bone or the tissue. The surgeon virtually inserts a balloon into the swollen sinus cavity which is inflated into the affected nasal area and gently pushes the infected sinus tissue aside. Furthermore, a catheter is inserted in order to streamline draining of the sinuses to relieve pressure and once the blockage is removed,  the balloon is then deflated and pulled out by pulling the catheter.

Unlike the conventional endoscopic sinus surgery, the aforementioned is an outpatient procedure that involves a 24-48 hours recovery, minimal bleeding and a treatment with antibiotics, in order to prevent possible infections, given that the nose is not packed. As you can see it is a lot less invasive than other similar procedures and the risks of malpractice are minimum. Therefore there is no need for you to consider the pleasantries of dealing with medical negligence solicitors as the chances of anything going wrong with this procedure are minimum. Of course, not every patient with chronic sinusitis or deviated septum is a candidate for this medical procedure, but still, it continue to enjoy a growing deal of popularity, as one of the most comfortable and reliable alternative to traditional  septoplasty Los Angeles. In addition, it’s worth noting that this type of surgery can be performed in conjunction with a turbinectomy surgery, which is another common surgical intervention that addresses deviated nasal septum, swelling of the turbinates or the adenoids, as well as nasal polyps or other  tumor obstructing the nose. Depending on the patient’s anatomy, a turbinectomy surgery can be performed in several ways  and sometimes it may involve cauterization, electrocautery, or microdebrider. Unfortunately, the patient experiences a high level of discomfort and a painful recovery, but today, the introduction of new technological innovations, has takes this field to a higher level, making the procedures highly efficient and non-invasive.


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