“Back to Work” Office Supplies Even Large Corporations Can’t Live Without

Companies with physical offices and headquarters see office supplies as a mandatory and essential part of their work. For them, without such supplies, their work wouldn’t be achievable. That’s why companies that specialise in traditional office supplies seem to never run out of clients. Also, the sales seem to be maintained at optimal figures, and this is not surprising at all. Below we will analyse those office supplies that even large corporations can’t afford to give up.

Technology Vs. Tradition

While technology is slowly taking over our lives and made a forceful entrance in the corporate environment, it’s important to remember that all employees still look forward to their “school” supplies: pens, paper, notebooks, and highlighters. These are basic tools in an employee’s work life, and they certainly give employees a well-deserved break from their screens, tablets and smartphones. Also, in some cases, technology might be more difficult to use for simple tasks that only ask for a pen and paper. Some traditional office supplies have become a habit and they are difficult to replace with means offered by technological disruptions. And the catch is that even those “paperless offices” still have some paper laying around. Regardless of the sector or industry, businesses are still highly reliant on traditional office supplies. Being able to work with traditional means can be increasingly satisfying in today’s over-digitalized climate.

This research has found that by 2019, the stationary and office supply market will reach over $ 2 billion dollars, as nations such as Canada and the USA show an ascending purchasing trend of this type of products. Another IBISWorld report showed that the Canadian stationery and office supply market is at a peak, and is currently estimated at $4 billion dollars, and growing.

Essential office supplies companies can’t live without

The list of mandatory office supplies that have to be present in all spaces of this kind is a long one. But things that can bring value to your company’s brand image and notoriety are oftentimes overlooked.

  • Common seals are an essential office supply that is frequently overlooked by companies. However, their particularities allow companies in various industries to make their company logo and brand known locally. Products like https://www.kiasuprint.com/common-company-seals-singapore allow companies to imprint their own distinctive signals on legal documents and act as a new, innovative business card. Small and versatile, companies can have these little items delivered to them in a matter of days, if the right company is picked.
  • Personalised pens are those office supplies that can also help your company in its marketing efforts. Branded products are still an amazing source of publicity. Everybody needs a pen, after all! And if you make an effort and discuss with a printing company, you can have those branded and personalised with your company’s logo and motto. This will also contribute to your company’s branding efforts as well as brand awareness efforts.
  • Business cards. These are highly important. After all, when you meet a potential collaborator or partner, you don’t want them to write down your number and contact details on a piece of paper. A more appropriate and professional method to introduce yourself to potential collaborators is through a business card that includes all the relevant information about you and your business. Take it one step further and invest in those incredible and highly personalised business cards that have an amazing and original design.
  • Yes, we know that this sounds like a type of supply college students would rather benefit of, but office employees certainly appreciate these ones. There are multiple papers and documents with vast volumes of information that has to be made more visible and easy to access. This is where highlighters intervene, due to their usual characteristics.
  • Rubber stamps. Just like common sales, rubber stamps can be used to mark your legal documents and have multiple applications and designs. Self-inking rubber stamps, claim the expert manufacturers at http://www.kiasuprint.com/instant-pre-inked-self-inking-rubber-stamps/products seem to be the most versatile and useful ones of the offer generally presented by various manufacturing companies. And surprisingly, in spite of digital signatures becoming widely-available, these are the preferred product in offices all around the world.
  • Although simple and common, these office supplies will make sure that all your mail is reaching the desired destination in perfect shape and form. More than this, if personalised, they can act with double purpose, being valuable marketing tools. Invest in security envelopes, for the best results.

Breakroom supplies – are these necessary for office spaces?

When purchasing office supplies, many CEOs and business managers tend to forget about the importance of a dedicated breakroom, but also about the importance of adequate breakroom office supplies. While some offices require their employees to bring their own teas, coffee, sugar and coffee creamer, experts claim that those employees that are provided with such supplies by their employer show higher rates of at-work happiness and satisfaction levels. Also, expecting for employees to pay from their own salaries for such supplies is similar to expecting them to pay for the stamps or envelopes themselves. As a good practice, companies of all sizes are offering breakroom supplies themselves and help their employees feel more relaxed and appreciated at the workplace.

Equipment that companies can’t live without

When it comes to equipment on which all companies rely on, Xerox, PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones are always necessary. The first items on the list are necessary for strictly office-related activities and tasks, while tablets and smartphones make the life of those attributed with fieldwork significantly easier. Generally, they offer increased flexibility and plenty of opportunities to access could information but also internal communication channels.

Regardless of the industry in which your company is activating, your employees will always use and enjoy traditional office supplies. They are a real break from the over-digitalized world. These are also part of a habit developed throughout the years, not to mention an incredible marketing opportunity, especially for small and medium enterprises.



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