Baby shower themes

If you are looking for baby shower themes that you can use for your own parties then you have come to the right place because here we are going to give you some examples. They say that the most important thing is choosing a theme for the party and it is true. Once you know what you want everything just seems to fall into place.


If you are throwing a baby shower themes for a friend make sure that you choose is also what the future mom wants.

  • Eco friendly baby shower

This theme is all about celebrating the miracle of birth. The decorations consist of potted plants and flowers. The green plants will give your party that natural look that you want. Also the gifts for the baby have to be eco friendly, like organic food.

  • A star is born

You can celebrate the birth of a baby by choosing the ´a star is born´ theme. Here all you have to do is decorate the venue with starts, moons and a lot of glitter. The colors of the theme are silver, gold and blue. Cut some stars from colored paper and ask your guest to write something on them.

  • Baby Animals

If the future mom likes stuffed animals you can create an entire theme for the baby shower by using baby stuffed animals. The decorations of the party will be the stuffed animals and you can sever foods that have animal names like pigs in a blanket.

  • Cartoon Baby Shower

Another great idea for a baby shower theme is the one based on your favorite cartoon characters. You can find all your favorite decorations with cartoon characters at party stores. If you want you can even make a cake with a cartoon character on it.

  • Diapers Baby Shower

Since there are so many baby shower themes to choose from why not choose a practical one like the diapers baby shower. You can make it all about diapers: the invitations can be made to look like diapers and you can decorate the cake with diapers.

These are the baby shower themes we have for you, as you can see they are different because we wanted everyone to find one they like. No matter what theme you choose for the baby shower always ask the future mother because this is her day and you want them to feel special and at ease.

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