Baby shower themes for girls

Finding the perfect baby shower themes for girls can be very easy if you if you know what you want and what will go well with your mother to be´s personality. If you have a future mother who like princesses then your job is very easy, you can simply create a princess party and everyone will be happy. If the family is more on the sports side you can use that and incorporate it into your baby shower for girls.

Here are some baby shower themes for girls that you can use:

  • Princess

The princess theme is one of the most used theme for baby girl showers. It is very easy to organize because everything is pink and glamorous. All you have to do is buy a cake with a princess time, make some pink drinks and decorations.  You can find all the decorations you want at a party store.

  • Found in Nature

If you have a baby girl and you like nature then this theme is perfect. All you need is some decorations inspired from nature like: butterflies, flowers, ladybugs. You can even include big animals in the room like: elephants. The theme is fun and very casual. The good this about it is the fact that you can choose from a wide variety of colors you do not have to restrict yourself to just one color.

  • Hawaiian

If you want to incorporate in your baby shower something other than pink you can choose this one. This party is very easy to organize because all you need are some flowers, some glasses that look like coconuts and some Hawaii songs on the background. You can even add a volcano if you are more of a sporty person.

  • Barbie

A lot of future moms want to have a Barbie theme baby shower because they imagine their little ones looking like Barbie dolls. It is very easy to decorate the venue because you can find everything you need at the party shop.

These are some of the baby shower themes for girls that you can use if you are organizing a baby shower for your friend. Always make sure that you run everything by your mother to be because you do not want to end up with stuff that she does not like. Have fun and be creative and you will throw an amazing party.

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