Baby shower themes for boys

It is hard at times to come up with baby shower themes for boys because you do not want to repeat the themes you have used before. Many people do not stress when it comes to the baby shower theme they simply make a blue cake and decorate the room with baby blue decorations.


If you want something special for the baby boy shower you can choose one of the ones listed below of baby showers themes for boys:

  • Nautical Theme

If you want to organize a blue but fun baby shower party the nautical theme is the perfect choice. You can use everything related to the navy and create the party. You can send invitations that are shaped like ships and you can make the centerpieces blue. For the centerpieces you can buy some plastic vases that look like ships and fill them with blue and white flowers. You can choose a cake that is shaped like a boat or an anchor. For the decorations you can shells and blow up pool toys.

  • Cowboy Theme

If you are looking for a western theme them the cowboy theme is the perfect one for you. You can send invitations that are shaped like cowboy boots or hats. You can buy a lot of decorations from the party store. Get things like horses and cowboy hats. As far as centerpieces are concerned you can take a couple of cowboy hats and fill them with flowers or with baby stuff. The food can be inspired from Mexican food because you will need spicy dishes. To create the perfect ambiance put some country music.

  • Princely Shower

A special baby shower theme for boys is the princely shower where everything gives you the impression that you are at a royal baby shower. When you send out the invitations choose classic ones and the content should give the guest the impression that they are coming to a prince´s baby shower. You can serve exquisite foods and drink tea. As far as the cake is concerned you can make one that looks like a castle.

These are some baby shower themes for boys that we hope you liked and that you will use. They are very fun and simple which means that you do not have to spend a lot of money to organize them. Talk to the mommy to be before you choose a theme for the party.

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