Baby Shower Ideas

There are a lot of baby shower ideas out there that you can use for you own baby shower. Even if you are not a creative person you can still pull it off. It is very important to use your mood and taste when you are picking the theme of the party because you want to feel comfortable. If you are a mom and you want to delegate someone to throw you the party then express your ideas clearly so that you can avoid any misunderstandings.


Here are some great baby shower ideas that you can use for yourself:

  • French countryside baby shower

The French countryside baby shower theme was inspired from by the French summer at the countryside. During the summer the fields are covered in lavender and the sky is of a wonderful blue. As far as food is concerned you can find your inspiration in the French kitchen. To make your life easier you should choose dishes that you can eat with your hand.

  • Daisy Baby Shower

Daisies are very beautiful flower, perfect for a baby shower. You can decorate your venue with daisies and other accessories that go with the flowers. You should pick the food and accessories like you were planning an outdoor party. You should pick fresh foods that you can serve using your hands.

  • Alphabet Baby Shower

You can create a baby shower theme by using blocks which have letters on them. You can buy block which have letter on them or buy simple one and pain letter on them. They will make your party look wonderful.

  • Polka-Dot Shower

If the future mom likes polka dots you can create a theme around this pattern. You can choose the decorations and the party favors according using polka dots as a base.

  • All in White baby Shower

If you are throwing a party outside it might be a good idea to use the color white. White goes really well with the baby because it stands for purity and innocence. You do not have to spend a lot of time decorating because all you need are white balloons, some white linens and white flowers.

These are some baby shower ideas that you can use if you are planning a party in the future. Keep in mind to choose a theme that the future mother will like and not one based on your personal taste.

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