The tradition of baby shower gifts has been around since the 1900s when people just like today gave gifts to the mommy and celebrated the big event with a party. Today the concept of the baby shower has not changed. If you know how to throw a bridals shower then you know have to throw a baby shower because the steps are similar. In the old days, the gifts given by the guests were made by them a thing which we can not say about today because now all the gifts for the baby are bought from the store.

Here we have for you some baby shower gifts:

  • The ideal gifts for a baby shower are the ones that are practical. If you are out of inspiration the ideal gift for such an event should consist of clothes, food, and accessories for the baby. Parents always like receiving things that they will be able to use once the baby is born.
  • A wireless security camera system is the kind of gift that any responsible new parent would like to receive. A wireless camera is easy to set up and it can allow the parents to monitor the baby at all times, directly from their smartphone. Moreover, a wireless security camera system doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find a lot of great products that cost less than $50.
  • Another great idea for the baby shower is diapers. Buy a set of diapers and place a note in each diaper. Sit at the entrance and give each guest a diaper that they can write on. Ask them to write a message for the mommy to be. It will be a great gift for the mom because not only will she write those beautiful messages but she will also get to use them when the baby is born.
  • You can also create a diaper cake for the baby shower. Do not worries you do not have to actually bake a diaper cake you just have to buy some supplies that the baby will need. Take a great number of diapers and place them on a platform and decorate the pile with all the things the baby will need: baby oil, nail cutter, shampoo, underwear, toys and everything you can think of.
  • If you want your baby shower gifts to be for the daddy then you might want to give him something that will help him take care of the baby. You can find in stores a kit which helps daddy´s to change a baby diaper.

These are some of the baby shower gifts that you can give if you have a friend who is expecting. Keep in mind that baby gifts have to be practical and fun. You want to give your friend gifts that she will actually use.

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