Baby shower food ideas

We are constantly looking for baby shower food ideas because the opportunity of organizing this kind of party does not come often and we want it to be perfect. Most of the time we try to match the theme of the party with the food which is correct but there are tome when we know the theme but we do not know what to serve. Here we are going to present to you a couple of ideas that you can use when you are throwing a baby shower food ideas for you or your friend. The food should be fun, light and easy to use, if you can prepare dishes that you can eat with your hands then you have made your job even easier.

  • Cookie cutter finger sandwiches

The perfect food that you can serve at a baby shower is the one that you can eat with your hands, preferably in one bite. For example, you can make sandwiches and cut them with cookie cutters. They will look cute, the will be easy to eat and you can choose what kind of shape you want.

  • Baby block mini cakes

If you want to make your food fun you can make these mini cakes that look like baby blocks. All you have to do is take a cake sheet and cut squares the size of baby blocks. You can decorate them with letters and pictures.

  • Eggs in a nest cupcakes

A good way to keep with the whole pregnancy theme is to decorate your cupcakes with miniature bird eggs. Take mini chocolate eggs and place them on you cupcakes or you can make the eggs out of fondant. You can also make the eggs out of frosting. When you do them out of frosting you have the advantage of making the in what color you want.

  • Baby items to help with food setup

For the display of the food you can use dishes from which babies eat. You can use small baby bowls to put the dip in, you can use baby bottles to put candy in them and so on.

These are some baby shower food ideas that you can use when you are organizing you party. The main idea is to keep it simple, the fewer dishes you have to clean the better. Try to cook foods that you guest will like and that can be eaten in one bite.

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