Baby shower activities

When you plan a baby shower you are always looking for baby shower activities because throwing just a simple party for the future mother will not be something everyone will remember. Every time you plan this kind of party you have to organize some games or people will get bored, it is just like the bridal shower. Baby shower games can be really fun if your guests are in the mood.


There are a lot of games that you can choose from but we have here a set of baby showers activities that will surely be a hit:

  • Start writing a book: Buy a book from the store or make one yourself and ask all your guests to write something in it. They can write stuff like: advices for the future mom, poems, quotes or something that they would like to write for the baby.
  • Quilting bee: ask all your guests to bring a square of fabric from home. Make groups of six people and give them paints and accessories so they can decorate or write on the squares of fabric. At the end each team will sew the quilt and give it to the mother. This is a good way to creating something that will remind you of this wonderful party.
  • Felt board:  the hostess of the party has to buy a board and some felt from the store. Once they have these two items they have to choose a theme or a book for their project. The guests have to get out the shapes inspired from the theme or book and put them together to complete the image.
  • Prefired pottery: if you want to do something really interesting you can organize your party at a pottery shop. You can bring all your guests there and decorate plates, vases and cups. The great thing is that you can take them home or let the guests have them as gifts.
  • Blow by blow: if you want your party to be festive you can create one around a piñata. These types of parties are really fun and full of activities. Everyone will have the chance to swing at the piñata with a bat. Make sure that the future mom does not hurt herself by accident.

These are some of the baby shower activities that we think will make you party fun and memorable. As you can see you do not have to spend a lot of money to have fun.

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