For those who do not know anything about Asko dishwasher we thought we should present to you the basic information about the brand. The company was founded in 1951 and since then it has produced a lot of amazing dishwashers. The things that define asko dishwashers are: minimalist style, innovative technology and user friendly. If you do not like anything from the models they have you can have one customized. You can choose anything from normal dishwashers to build in ones. And if you don’t trust this dishwasher review, you can also read others and make comparisons, and you will see that the Asko brand is always well-appreciated for its numerous qualities.

Here is the basic information about Asko dishwasher:

* Capacity: The Asko Company had a model which was the biggest dishwasher on the market in 2010, it was called Asko XXL.  The Asko XXL has the following dimensions: 34 inch tall 23 inches in height.  Aside from this model the other ones have a height of 32.25 to 35.5 inches. The smallest model has a capacity of 12 dishes.

* Safety: the Asko dishwasher were built to offer protection to its users. Each model has a protection for children also known as child proof, it has an easy to use control panel and waterproof attribute. It also has a system which prevents leaking in case something breaks, it has an aqua detect technology.

* Programs: the basic dishwashers have only four cycles and they are: normal wash, auto wash, heavy wash and delicate wash. It is cover all your basic necessities and you can wash delicate dishes as well. It you are looking for a more professional dishwasher they have models with about 10 programs. They also have options which allow you to change the language.

* Wash Systems: Asko dishwashers have a couple of washing systems that are very useful. We have the seven spray system which allows you to wash your dishes saving water and energy. Other technologies are: Super cleaning system and Power zone technology.

* Warranty: every time you buy a dishwasher you want it to have big warranty coverage. Asko offers a warranty of two years during which you can repair your dishwasher for free. During this period you are also assured that you will have all the spare elements needed.

So, these are the Asko dishwasher information that you will need when you will go in store looking at models. Keep in mind however, that reading just one dishwasher review before purchasing is not enough certainty for such a purchase, so you should get opinions from more sources in order to get closer to the truth about a product’s qualities and performance. With Asko however we are certain you will not be disappointed, as these dishwashers are reliable appliances. They are very resistant and useful after all they were made in Sweden and the company has a tradition of over 60 years. We hope that the information provided by us were useful.

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