When planning for an all inclusive vacation, you must first know exactly what you want and what you do not; choose your activities, your relaxation techniques, the cuisine you are expecting and then start looking for all inclusive destinations. However, if your budget is limited, don’t be afraid of making some compromises: a smaller vacation is better than no vacation at all. One of our favorite destinations for this year’s vacations was the all inclusive St. Lucia resort, where you can enjoy lots of activities, relaxing spas, the pool, and fine meals.

One of the main problems that we are faced with when going on a vacation is what to eat and what not to eat. The problem is not the quality of the food, but rather the quantity. We all feel we deserve some spoiling after an entire year’s work, but is it really worth it to overdo it with food when you’ll suffer the consequences later? At the all inclusive St. Lucia they pride themselves with cooking healthy meals exclusively with fresh produce. A great advantage of this vacation destination is that the resort’s chefs try as much as possible to cook with fresh and local produce from the surrounding farmers.

Eating at the all inclusive St. Lucia means two things: first, that you will eat only healthy and natural food prepared with care and ability by professionals and second, that every day’s menu will be different from yesterday’s menu because the chefs draw inspiration for their meals from the freshest produce they have access to.

However, if you are on a thinning diet or a convalescence diet, or are unable to consume certain foods, the chefs at the all inclusive St Lucia will be happy to cook something just for you and satisfy your every whim and desire. A great thing about the all inclusive St. Lucia is that the resort has three restaurants and two bars, each with their specific cuisine. You can try Caribbean and Eastern-inspired meals at the TAO, or the Cariblue Restaurant, or something lighter at The Deli.

The two bars, The Clubhouse and The Piano Bar offer drinks, cocktails, snacks, lively conversation and wonderful views. As you can see, it is possible to eat healthy and nutritious while on vacation as well, and just because we are on vacation doesn’t mean our health has to be too. It is always good not to stray from your regular diet too much while you’re on vacation.

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