A trip to remember – Sacramento travel guidelines you should keep in mind

So for one reason or another, you have chosen Sacramento as your next trip destination. Regardless of what has determined you to direct your attention towards California’s capital city, you probably want to benefit from a fulfilling experience, one that leaves you with many stories to tell. Well, in order to actually make the most of your stay, whether you are planning a 3-day trip or one of two weeks, getting some travel insights on the subject will certainly help you out. What are the guidelines that you need to keep in mind? Keep reading and you will find out:

Choose the right period

Although there are lots of things to do in Sacramento, regardless of what time of the year it is, if you want to make your trip extra special, choose a period that allows you to partake in one of the capital’s biggest festivals, celebrations or festivities. A date that will make your overall vacation one that will not disappoint is 4th of July. Organizers go above and beyond to put together the most impressive celebrations across town. From Carnivals to Independence Day parades, you will have the chance to discover a city full of life and amazing activities that will not give you the chance to get bored even for a minute. Whether you choose to be part of the Matsuyama fun run, and run for a good cause, dance under the amazing fireworks at the Cal Expo, or attend the Pocket – Greenhaven parade, you will certainly have the best 4th of July ever. Timing can actually influence how much you enjoy a trip, so book your dates carefully.

Book a taxi in advance for airport transfer

While getting from the airport to your hotel might not seem like a complicated task, you would be surprised to discover how many inconveniences you can actually encounter. Not being able to find a cab outside, due to the high number of plane passengers looking for a ride, coming across an unreliable driver that overcharges you, traveling in a less than safe vehicle, you might deal with more problems than you could think of. The recommended thing to do is actually booking a taxi service in advance. A preplanned airport transfer will be the safer, faster and more convenient option to choose. Because you can research the said taxi company in advance, you will be well aware of the fees (no overcharges to worry about), you know you will benefit from proper comfort, and the driver will most likely be a trustworthy person. Nowadays, in just a few simple steps, you can book transportation to Sacramento airport, and avoid facing any unpleasant situations. You will have a car waiting for you when your plane lands, and you can also book one when for your return.

Don’t overlook budget-friendly activities

You don’t need to spend a fortune in order to actually have a great Sacramento trip. While you might need to spend money on tickets for various important local attractions, there are many budget-friendly activities you shouldn’t overlook, because they will contribute to how pleasant your vacation ends up being. A few examples of things you can do without having to worry about money would be the following:

  • Going on a Sacramento historic river cruise – costing less than 20 dollars, a historic river cruise will provide you with a scenic view of the city, while hearing interesting stories about the city’s rich history. You will leave the cruise more relaxed and with some interesting facts on the place.
  • Participating in a scavenger hunt adventure – if you are traveling a group, you can book yourself a scavenger hunt adventure that allows you to explore the heart of Sacramento in a fun, exciting and unique way. You will need to solve puzzles, follow clues that are sent to you on your phone, and guide yourself throughout the city while being part of amazing challenges.
  • Roaming around local parks – Sacramento certainly impresses when it comes to the number of parks found in the city. From the beautiful Stutter’s Fort State Historic Park to East Portal Park and Willian Land Park, there’s no shortage of options in this department. You can enjoy a pleasant, relaxing day of just wandering around, without having to spend any money and you will still have a pleasant time.

Choose your dining places carefully

You might be tempted to dine at a restaurant that catches your eye when walking past it, but if you want your trip to be filled only with the best gastronomical experiences, it’s best if you do a quick research on the place before actually ordering. Considering Sacramento is quite a large city, it’ normal to encounter restaurants that do not exactly excel in the food department. Tourists are recommended to go on TripAdvisor when they are trying to pick out a place to eat at. This way, you know you will be spending money on dishes that you will actually enjoy, and won’t be dealing with any disastrous meals. Also, Sacramento is well known for providing an impressive variety of street food options, so if you want to keep your budget in check, grabbing a bite to eat from a food truck instead of ordering a fancy meal at an expensive restaurant might be the better alternative. Also, if you are a gastronomy lover, and want to get a taste of what Sacramento has best in this department, you can go on a food tour across town. These are being organized with regularity.  

While Sacramento might not be the first choice of all travel lovers, it does have quite a few great things to offer, and a trip there could end up being a memorable one, as long as you plan everything out carefully. These tips will allow you to enjoy the best Sacramento experience, starting from when your plane lands and up to when you hop on your return flight. You will see for yourself how much you will love this region and what it has to offer with these travel guidelines in mind.

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