A Look At The Most Common Fears of Wearing Hearing Aids

If you have a mild hearing loss, chances are that you have difficulty participating in conversations, understanding movies and TV shows, and keeping up at work. Suffering from hearing loss negatively affects your life. As a hearing-impaired person, for you wearing deaf aids is more of a necessity than a choice. You cannot get by without sound-amplifying devices, especially if you have two “bad” ears. The medical devices significantly improve your awareness of surrounding sounds and voices.

Hearing aids are the best treatment choice, but you may not want to wear electronic devices due to the stigma associated with them. And you are not the only one. Many people delay seeking professional treatment because of embarrassment and fear. In this article, we will address the most common misconceptions and concerns about hearing aids to help you understand how useful these sound-amplifying devices are.

They Make Me Look Old

It cannot be denied that after the age of 75, you start losing your ability to perceive surrounding sounds and voices, but young people are affected by this health problem too. Hearing loss affects people of all ages. There was a time when having to wear hearing aids carried the social stigma of old age. The medical devices used to be rather large and bulky, so it is no wonder that people avoided seeing an audiologist about their problems. Today, deaf aids are almost invisible. They are smaller and discrete, not to mention that they are available in a range of styles. You can wear a deaf aid and no one will even know it.

Having hearing aids does not make you look 10 years older. What does make you appear older is opting not to wear sound-amplifying devices and constantly asking people to repeat themselves. However, if you are uncomfortably nervous or embarrassed about what other people think about you, ask an audiologist if your health problem can be managed with a device that fits completely in the ear canal. Sandia Hearing Aid Center, for example, can make a custom fitting earpiece for your needs.

People Will Think I Am Disabled

You do not want to wear devices for improving hearing because you are afraid that people will think that you are handicapped and that you are less of a person. What you should know is that mentality has changed over the last couple of years. People are at home with things in other people’s years that they do not even pay attention. Gone are the days when people used to stare at you. Do not identity yourself as disabled – you are not. The inability to perceive surrounding sounds and voices is not at all a disability and we strongly believe that everyone will agree with this.

I Cannot Afford Hearing Aids

A common concern about wearing hearing aids is that they are expensive. High-tech hearing aids are indeed pricey and not all health insurance companies cover for them, leaving you to pay the expense. However, there is a wide range of options for every budget. You will not have to dig deep into your pockets to solve your auditory problems. Besides, clinics offer financing options to make your purchase easier. For instance, auditory health care professionals offer the opportunity to spread the cost of the sound-amplifying devices. You can start hearing better and the best things is that payment plans are interest-free. So, do not let hearing loss take over your life.

Hearing Aids Do Not Really Work

Many say that deaf aids do not actually work, so there is no need to bother. Maybe you too have hears friends and family members complain about the fact that the medical devices have not worked for them. As a result, you think they will not work for you either. Did you know that hearing aid technology has improved considerably? In fact, the technology to correct auditory problems has never been better. The latest electronic devices allow you to tell the difference between speech and background noises. What is more, they are tailored to each person’s needs.

I Will Lose My Hearing Aids

You are scared that you will lose you sound-amplifying devices. Losing your hearing aids is not impossible. Everyone loses things once in a while. You have a propensity to lose of misplace things, so it is only normal to be worried. However, you have the power to control what is happening. Incorporate the medical devices in your morning and bedtime routine. Also, keep the deaf aids at eye level.  

Misinformation diminishes your quality of life and discourages you from getting help. The best thing to do is dismiss pre-existing ideas about hearing aids. If you have a mild hearing loss, discuss your problem with a skilled audiologist.


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