A guide to buying an authentic Gucci watch

It is known world widely that Gucci is one of the most important brands from the entire world. Besides the gorgeous handbags, this brand has made it to the timepieces industry, and nowadays Gucci has a large variety of beautiful watches. Though, due to its popularity, many and many bargain sellers try to fool the customers buying replicas. For you not to be fooled by a bargain here are some tips which should be followed if you are looking for a Gucci watch:

First thing you need to have in mind when dealing with a seller is to ask questions about the watch’s materials. This is an easy tip which can easily show you if you are dealing with a real or a fake Gucci watch. Most of them have a classic or a more flashy appearance. Its materials are various, as only the dials are made of steel and the feature is usually a rectangular or a classic round. Also, and authentic Gucci watch always has a “G” on the back of the watch, and a smaller “G” in the middle of the clock hands.

The Gucci Company is a Swiss one, so that it should have been written somewhere, and the place designers have decided to be is around the smaller “G” area. Also, the Gucci watches are made of steel or gold (that’s why they are so expensive) and they don’t have any broken or missing pieces. Talking about its price, Gucci watches usually range from $700 into the tens of thousands of dollars, without making any discount.

In order to teach you to observe the bargains, it basically depends on the seller’s professionally. If he seems unprofessional, refuse its offers. It is more than sure that the seller you are facing with is trying to fool you. If you are looking for an authorized shop, then Neiman Marcus or Saks Fifth Avenue is what you are looking for. Though, if you opt for an online transaction, check the seller’s feedback after research the seller’s credentials and put him some questions involving your future purchase.

The next thing you should take into consideration is the serial number. It is unique, and it looks like this: YA 101312. With this code you will be able to get your money back if there is a valuable watch you want to sell.

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