14 tips to plan a wedding from afar

It is wonderful to get married in a special place full of meanings for you. But what do you do if you are miles away and you cannot be there to plan everything? To ease your task, here you have 14 tips to plan a wedding from afar.

  • Find a free wedding checklist

Planning a Wedding is simply getting organized. A12 month printable free wedding checklist will help turn your dream into a reality. This way you won’t have to worry about forgetting an important detail about your wedding, such as booking wedding transport or send copies of the wedding vows to your officiant.

  • Search the Internet

If you want to organize your wedding on a particular area or location, search the Internet for more info about the place. For example, if you want to get married in the capital of Spain, type in the search engine “wedding Spain, Madrid”.

  • Call the company

Find the contact of the chosen company and order the service in your area or in the location the wedding will take place.

  • Organize your planning

Wedding planning can be very difficult when made from afar. Make a file with several items, such as photos, catering, decoration, flowers and music in order to organize things as budget or invoices. On a notebook, keep track of the topics of phone talk. Create a computer file with the sites consulted and the e-mails you have exchanged with them in order to register when you did transactions and budgets.

  • Contact vendors

Ask vendors to send you brochures, photographs and samples of colors. Ask musicians to send you recordings if their performances at other weddings. Do not hesitate to ask for references of other couples.

  • Hire a wedding consultant

Hiring a wedding consultant can be a great choice, as he/she has the best knowledge of local wedding vendors and can get you the best deals.

  • Ask for help from relatives that live near the place

In case know people who live near the place you want to get married, ask them for suggestions or to verify you choices.

  • Contact hotels, places of renown

To ease your wedding planning, consider that there are hotels, places of renown that can organize the entire reception. In addition, they can recommend you quality local vendors.

  • Explain the florist exactly what you want

You should send precise images of what you wish to the florist. In case you send them by e-mail, consider that colors differ from monitor to monitor.

  • Pack the wedding clothes with a least two weeks ahead

If you pack the wedding dress and the groom`s outfit in time, chances to forget something decrease. You should also make some reservations for the beauty salon weeks ahead, so you have time to deal with skin care and with trying different styles of makeup and hairstyle.

  • Think local

Consider the local kind of flowers, places and weather and use that in your favor in order to save money.

  • Ask for the script of the ceremony

In case you meet the officiant only on the wedding day, ask for the script of the ceremony in advance so that you will be able to do the changes you want.

  • Make sure you have all the marriage licenses on time

Prepare all necessary marriage licenses in advance. Sometimes, a pre-wedding trip could be required.

  • Book appointments before the wedding

Include you your wedding planning at least two appointments prior the wedding: one with the hair and make-up stylist, and the other with the catering service in order to agree upon the food and wedding cake.

  • Check and double-check every aspect

The list of 14 tips to plan a wedding from afar finishes with checking and double-checking all the necessary items needed for the Big Day.

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