12 tips for the bride to look her best

Even if you have accumulated a lot of stress and exhaustion with planning the special event, you should look flawless and spectacular on your wedding day. Check out the following 12 tips for the bride to look her best and put them into practice!

  • Make sure you plan everything in advance, so set your appointments in time and create a detailed plan for the wedding day and for days before it.
  • In order to relax, have a massage for the morning of your wedding day.
  • Try to set the appointments for pedicure and manicure in the same locations, because this way you avoid running from one place to another or being late.
  • Also book the make-up and the hairdresser in the same location for the reasons found above.
  • Do a make-up test about two weeks before the Big Day. This way, you will check for possible allergies to cosmetic product, but it will also allow you more time to agree upon the best make-up. Also take some pictures to check out if the make-up looks well.
  • Do a hairstyle test before the wedding day, too. Don`t forget to take pictures and try the veil or other accessories you want to wear.
  • Cut your hair at least two weeks before the wedding day, because this way your tresses will look more natural.
  • Wash your hair the night before the wedding, as it will be easier to pin up and style.
  • Make facials and wax at least two weeks prior the wedding.
  • If the wedding is held during summer, apply sunblock underneath your make-up and on the body parts that will be exposed to the sun.
  • Ask the make-up artist to retouch the make-up by the end of the afternoon in case the wedding will last until the night. For the night, make-up should be a bit stronger and heavier.
  • The list with 12 tips for the bride to look her best ends up with the following advice: do not go to a solarium before your wedding day, because you skin may look sun burned or spotted.


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