10 effortless ways to give your bedroom a luxurious feel

In a lifetime, we spend 26 years sleeping and an additional 7 years trying to fall asleep. That’s quite a long time for a room you’ve ignored redoing, isn’t it?

The truth is that nobody enjoys living in a dirty, cluttered, ugly or poorly decorated bedroom, but most homeowners postpone doing any changes thinking that the process would be too time-consuming and expensive.

But don’t worry, giving your bedroom a new look doesn’t have to involve turning the whole house upside down, nor does it have to drain your savings account. With a few subtle changes, you can turn your bedroom into a personal space that looks luxurious and where you actually enjoy spending your time.  

1.      Give your walls a fresh new start

No matter how much you invest in rugs, furniture, and decorations, your bedroom will still look old if the walls haven’t been repainted in years. Even if you’re a tidy person and you vacuum every day, dust really piles up and the fresh white coat of paint you applied two years ago slowly turns into grey without you realizing it. When you have a free weekend, take some time to repaint the walls and the difference will amaze you. It’s not a job that requires a contractor and you can also take this opportunity to reconsider your colour scheme. White, ivory and delicate pastel shades are timeless options that go with everything and that give the bedroom a bright and open feel.

2.      Invest in quality wall art

It’s hard to feel at home surrounded by blank walls, so find a few pieces of wall art that are consistent with the style of the room and give you a daily dose of inspiration. From minimal illustrations to art prints and oil paintings, you have countless options to choose from, even if you’re on a tight budget. The bedroom is a space that should inspire calm and serenity, so stick to wall art in calm, neutral shades, avoiding clashing colour schemes and styles. 

3.      The elegant fine touches

Nothing ties in a bedroom better than accessories, so before considering buying a new bed or a new closet, try playing around with small decorations. A new vase, a beautiful book placed on the nightstand, a collection of perfumes diligently arranged on your vanity table, an antique jewellery tray that catches the light, all of these are seemingly insignificant things, but together they give your bedroom a chic and luxurious feel.

4.      Throws are understated bed accessories

Have you ever entered a hotel room and instantly got that feeling of upscale living without knowing exactly why? The secret was probably an elegant bed throw, casually dropped on the side of the bed. Throws are actually one of the top designer secrets for giving the bedroom a warm, comfortable, and homely feel. If you opt for a fabric like faux fur or velvet, the result will be even better.

5.      Give your bedding a refresh

We often think of bedding from a purely aesthetic point of view, but sheets have to be so much more than décor statements. Low quality polyester sheets not only look bland, but also feel uncomfortable, making you sweat and preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep. Instead, opt for linen, which is a favourite in the luxury hotel industry. This fabric looks sophisticated, is smooth to the touch and lets your skin breathe. You shouldn’t be worried about the price either. Two sets of linen sheets, linen quilts and pillowcases are amazing investments that are worth more than seven polyester bedding sets.

6.      Make room for storage

Clutter can make the bedroom feel old, dirty and put you in an anxious state. Looking at piles of clothes and knick-knacks scattered on the floor will give you the pressing feeling that you have to do something, whereas the atmosphere in the bedroom should be the complete opposite, of calm and relaxation. If you can’t remember the last time you’ve seen a clear bedroom floor, now is the time to jump on the Marie Kondo trend and reorganize your things using her clever storage tricks.

7.      You can never go wrong with greenery

Plants are some of the cheapest and easiest ways to lighten up a room and make it feel alive. And did we mention that they also improve air quality? If you’re not a plant person, don’t worry. Not all greenery requires a lot of care and attention. Succulents, for instance, only have to be watered every couple of weeks. For a more vintage, romantic vibe, decorate your room with seasonal flowers such as tulips, roses, peonies, or lilac.  

8.      Splurge on a fancy scented candle

Sometimes, a bedroom’s luxurious feel doesn’t lie in the visuals. A quality scented candle or room scent can instantly boost comfort and put you in a SPA mood. Be careful with the ingredients, however. Cheap scented candles may smell delicious, but they’re made with toxic artificial ingredients that give off unhealthy vapours. Instead, invest in one large designer candle made with natural ingredients. It will last longer, it won’t have any side effects and you’ll be able to repurpose the jar as a decoration once the candle burns.

9.      Replace old fixtures

Did you follow all the steps above but something still looks off? Have a closer look at the fixtures. Old door knobs, drawer pulls, window handles or light switches can make the bedroom look outdated. Replacing them is a quick and easy way to get a fresh and modern vibe.

10. Let the light in

Last, but not least, don’t underestimate the importance of lighting in setting the mood. If your windows are constantly covered and you don’t have access to natural light, the bedroom will look claustrophobic no matter how much you tweak it. To boost the lighting, switch those thick, dark curtains with delicate, transparent ones and, if there’s a piece of heavy furniture covering the windows, move it in a different corner.

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