• jobsanger

    1 Rank Reviews

    The blog discusses local, state, and national politics and other societal issues from a left-wing point of view. Some atheism and sports will be discussed from time to time.

  • Taoist Sorcery

    Taoist Sorcery
    2 Rank Reviews

    Chinese Black Magic Revealed - Taoism is not just Tao De Ching. There are many Taoist Spells and Magick to help or harm people. - Check out the Taoist Gods, Ghosts , Spirits and Talismans.

  • The Ignored Genius

    The Ignored Genius
    3 Rank Reviews

    This page is dedicated for all the world's ignored ideas, knowledge, skills, character and other important attributes. And this is also for all the people that bear them.

  • InfornaGossip

    4 Rank Reviews

    Tutte le novità internazionali, le informazioni più cercate.. in italiano! Il gossip che cerchi, nella tua lingua! Le notizie più fresche, gli intrighi più nascosti!

  • Catholicism and Adventism

    Catholicism and Adventism
    5 Rank Reviews

    Catholicism and Adventism - An examination of the Seventh-day Adventist church from a biblical and Catholic perspective. I deal with Ellen White, the Sabbath, other Adventist doctrines, and my own faith, Catholicism

  • Bahamian Politics Blog

    Bahamian Politics Blog
    6 Rank Reviews

    A political blog about the politics in The Bahamas, and the entire political lot. Bahamian blogger - Dennis Dames keeps you updated one post at a time from the Islands.

  • Telaga Muhammad

    Telaga Muhammad
    7 Rank Reviews

    Religion of Islam,islamic cosmology,the soul concept,the concept of life after death,the concept of heaven and hell,the origin of universe,the first creation,angels,human,jinn

  • Cuban@s

    8 Rank Reviews

    Es un Blog sobre Cuba sobre los cubanos de nuestras costumbres de nuestra música y de nuestros gustos. Noticias sobre cuba y sobre Cuba.Espero la pases bien y de antemano bienvenidos.

  • Our Funarena!

    Our Funarena!
    9 Rank Reviews

    This is a forum for exchanging thoughts, opinions and funny experiences . This site also keeps you updated on news, politics, humor, sports including cricket and entertainment relating mainly to India-Our Home!

  • Blog Kamto Romandhoni

    Blog Kamto Romandhoni
    10 Rank Reviews

    This blog explores in light of Islamic issues through a simple thing, but still quality Blog ini mengupas secara ringan masalah islam melalui hal yang sederhana, namun tetap berkualitas

  • Em Ouro Preto

    Em Ouro Preto
    11 Rank Reviews

    Não há descrição para se estar em Ouro Preto. É um estar complexo para ser completo, só pela vivência se pode assimilar essa experiência. Venha estar conosco.

  • Fundraising / Charity Ideas Blog

    Fundraising / Charity Ideas Blog
    12 Rank Reviews

    We check out what's new and exciting in the world of Fundraising and Charity. We cover everything that's new in fundraising and charity from the environment to conventional chocolate bar fundraising. We have been around for 3 years so there's a lot of mat

  • Tel-Chai Nation

    Tel-Chai Nation
    13 Rank Reviews

    A blog about world affairs from Israel, including news about politics, the United States, Europe, and even occasional commentary on movies, television and other entertainment mediums.

  • A Whinger in France

    A Whinger in France
    14 Rank Reviews

    A humorous look at news and events from around the world with comments pertaining to the weird and wonderful and the way people relate to strange happenings related therein.


    15 Rank Reviews

    news, articoli, link,siti riguardanti educazione, psicologia, salute mentale, cultura, formazione, memoria, storia News, articles, links, sites about education, psychology, mental health, culture, education, memory, history

  • Scribblings On The Walls Of Silence

    Scribblings On The Walls Of Silence
    16 Rank Reviews

    How open can an open book be?! Doesn't even an open book open up to just two pages only?! In between those chapters of silence a scribbling on those walls of silence...

  • Unexplained Mysteries of the World

    Unexplained Mysteries of the World
    17 Rank Reviews

    Archive of the unexplained and paranormal things that happen, which we cannot find a logical explanation. A to Z of the unexplained mysteries, paranormal phenomena, real vampires, ufos, possessed objects, exorcism, urban legends, haunted places, demons, r

  • Ari Rusila's BalkanBlog

    Ari Rusila's BalkanBlog
    18 Rank Reviews

    A Finnish freelancer and project management expert Ari Rusila, covers issues of conflicts, crisis management and geopolicy and regionally the Balkans, the Black Sea region and MENA (the greater Middle East and North Africa) regions. His main blog is Ari R

  • Don Lorenzo Guetti: uno per tutti e tutti per uno

    Don Lorenzo Guetti: uno per tutti e tutti per uno
    19 Rank Reviews

    Don Lorenzo Guetti, padre fondatore della cooperazione trentina, studioso dell'emigrazione ottocentesca, precursore e promotore dell'autonomia trentina, semplice "curato di campagna". Questo blog vuole rivisitare la sua figura partendo da alcune fonti ine

  • Explain This!

    Explain This!
    20 Rank Reviews

    Explain This! encompasses the occult, the paranormal, bizarre and unusual events, murders, unsolved crimes and disappearances, haunted places, cryptozoology and more.

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