• Random Thoughts

    Random Thoughts
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    Random thoughts is all about my strong, stubborn and audacious opinions, my strange, peculiar and at times, weird thoughts. this is a space that gives peace to my hyperactive mind!

  • Mystical Poetry and Politics

    Mystical Poetry and Politics
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    Mystical poetry and prose about spirituality, religion, dreams, death, war, peace, politics, Earth, nature, love, etc. You will also find interesting and informative posts on a wide variety of subjects. My poetry videos are also included.....Enjoy the tri

  • Crescent's Collection

    Crescent's Collection
    3 Rank Reviews

    'Urdu writers,Disscussion forum and Beautiful world of poetry of famous Urdu and english poets. Ghazals, Nazams, Qatat, Muntakhib Ashaar and lots of other Heart touching poetry with beautiful scenes and Backgrounds'


    4 Rank Reviews

    I am a farmer in the profession but writing poetry is my passion .I Ike to write simple and short poems in the free verse style .In my opinion the reader should get the meaning of a poem in the first reading itself .This blog is dedicated to write such s

  • Short Poetry - words move

    Short Poetry - words move
    5 Rank Reviews

    Modern, fresh, evocative short poetry from a gay African film director. Certified. "The courtyard is alive with the spit of angry bullets And baked hard by the scorching sun. Clouds of smoke drift in, In patches, And are, Collected by moans, That beco

  • campor bawor

    campor bawor
    6 Rank Reviews

    Relief taman dan ornamen dinding buatan, kumpulan syair, puisi,contoh gambar relief,android game,syair sufisme jalaludin rumi kahlil gibran internet game ponsel dan berbagai macam isi dan berbagai macam bentuk gambar tentang taman

  • Stimulation of the mind

    Stimulation of the mind
    7 Rank Reviews

    Stimulation of the Mind -photography , stories,poem, , people poem, love poems, inspirational poems, general information, current issues, general awareness, personal blog, my thoughts

  • kavyasudha

    8 Rank Reviews

    This is a blog about hindi poems of Neeraj neer . You will find my poems close to your heart. I am a blogger from Ranchi. मेरे दिल की गहरायी से उपजी भावों की सरिता, जब शब्द र

  • Pashtoshayari

    9 Rank Reviews

    Beautiful world of Pashto poetry ghazals,nazms ,Muntakhbi ashaar,Tappa,Rubai,Pashto books and much more...............................................................................

  • the most beautiful sentence about love

     the most beautiful sentence about love
    10 Rank Reviews

    the most beautiful sentence about love lovely thread and lovely sentences Pictures Love SMS Romantic SMS Sad SMS Kiss SMS Anniversary SMS Good Morning SMS Good Night SMS Thank You SMS I Miss You SMS Goodbye SMS

  • a slave of unsaid words in an insane world

    a slave of unsaid words in an insane world
    11 Rank Reviews

    I publish in my blog almost all my pieces of writing especially poetry.I look forward to getting our feedback, your comments and your advice on my poems.I'dlike to get more friends who have an interest in poetry and writing in general.

  • Anik Sengupta | My Words

    Anik Sengupta | My Words
    12 Rank Reviews

    "Literary Creations of a Aberrant Mind". A Blog containing Poetry and Short Stories about life, emotions and feelings in general. Written in English, Hindi and Bengali.

  • Dagelijkse Gedichten en Verhalen

    Dagelijkse Gedichten en Verhalen
    13 Rank Reviews

    Dagelijkse Gedichten van Easy Branches prachtige foto''s en Interessante gedichten in het Engels en Nederlands. Zie de exclusieve fotografie met schitterende afbeeldingen en gedichten betrekking tot de foto's. Gedichten die je hart en ziel raken met uiter

  • Dream Noise

    Dream Noise
    14 Rank Reviews

    Passionate, compassionate, and heartfelt, Dream Noise’s poetry describes his experiences on love and life. His poetry is known for its intimate descriptions of human reactions, human behavior, intimate feelings, and the intricacies of life, birth death,

  • El Idilico Existencialista

    El Idilico Existencialista
    15 Rank Reviews

    Poeta y narrador cubano residente en París-Francia, libre y autentico pensador. Humanista, de pensamiento filosófico literario enmarcado en la nueva corriente poética de: “Los Idílicos Existencialistas”.

  • Gritos Verticais

    Gritos Verticais
    16 Rank Reviews

    Este blog apresenta os poemas e as prosas de André Luís Soares, poeta e fotógrafo amador brasiliense residente na cidade de Guarapari, que fica no Estado do Espírito Santo, Brasil.

  • Intimidades da Curiosa

    Intimidades da Curiosa
    17 Rank Reviews

    ESCREVIVÊNCIA por vezes as palavras que alcanço me estranham não me dizem mais me afastam de mim do outro .. então quando a Palavra não me diz invento Palavra que me diga .. e no milagre da escrevência sai-me Nova Palavra das entranhas gritando

  • Just a thought

    Just a thought
    18 Rank Reviews

    A place where I write down the stuff that floats between my ears..words can be painful and words can make magic it just depends of how and when you use them. I write about life and how it moves me.

  • Kumpulan Syair Puisi Cinta Romantis

    Kumpulan Syair Puisi Cinta Romantis
    19 Rank Reviews

    Kumpulan Puisi, Puisi Cinta Romantis, Puisi Galau, Puisi Kehilangan, Puisi Humor Lucu, Puisi Patah Hati, Puisi Rindu dan Kangen, Puisi Sahabat. Kumpulan Puisi, Puisi Alam, Puisi Ayah, Puisi Cinta, Puisi Galau, Puisi Gombal, Puisi Harapan, Puisi Ibu, Puisi

  • La poesía es basura

    La poesía es basura
    20 Rank Reviews

    Poesía Social: Teoría y praxis... ¡Con mucho amor! Mi expectativa con este Blog, además del ejercicio personal de desahogarme haciendo Poesía, esencialmente es la de llamar la atención en torno de múltiples problemas que afectan a la Humanidad.

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