• 52 days to explore the outdoors

    52 days to explore the outdoors
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    Ideas for the natural explorer in all of us. Activities and resources for families and teachers to engage with the great outdoors. We have carefully chosen links in each of the 52 days to help you implement and extend the activity.

  • A Better Mindset

    A Better Mindset
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    I am assuming that "mindset" is a functional unit of the mind that is updated infrequently and underlies thought, decision making and emotions. It is the operating platform supporting habits and skills. This site suggests deliberately modifying it is des

  • A Dull Roar

    A Dull Roar
    3 Rank Reviews

    Thinking of becoming an expat? Tired of reading all the glossy tourist operator and real estate agency ads? Get a realistic view of retirement and living in Costa Rica from A Dull Roar, written by an expat with nothing to sell you.

  • Alternatively Frugal

    Alternatively Frugal
    4 Rank Reviews

    This is an alternative approach to all things frugal. I want to go beyond the usually simplistic advise and coupon bulletins. Living frugally deserves a more in-depth discussion.

  • Avarana

    5 Rank Reviews

    Panama, cultura, arte, musica, ciencia, tecnologia, filosofia. Of Man's creations, those that offer us a glimpse of the infinite also reveal our divine nature.

  • branton's posterous

    branton's posterous
    6 Rank Reviews

    Modern blog about personal review of such popular aspects of modern person's life as contemporary technique novelties and gadgets, real estate market, fashion and style tendencies.

  • chillinaris

    7 Rank Reviews

    This blog contains moral tales, moral stories, inspirational stories, motivational stories, humor, and love. http://chillinaris.blogspot.com/ http://chillinaris.wordpress.com/ http://twitter.com/chillinaris Have A Beautiful Day! ^^

  • Ciclismo Salud en el Mundo de la Dra Martha Castro

    Ciclismo Salud en el Mundo de la Dra Martha Castro
    8 Rank Reviews

    Blogging about health, cycling, science, cats, living longer and happier; in English and in Spanish. Many other topics to talk about to make us live better and better every day of the year. Cheers!

  • Does The Secret Work?

    Does The Secret Work?
    9 Rank Reviews

    Veronica has been a student of The Law of Attraction for 10 years. She has been Active Duty Airforce for 15 years and is happily married with 5 children She started out looking for something different when her daughter, Cheyanne, had a stroke when she was


    10 Rank Reviews

    I live in the Cycling Universe, Science World and Freedom Home, Mexico Brief biography: I am a Medical Doctor and General Surgeon. I specialize in difficult medical and clinical diagnostics. I subspecialize in Ischemic Cardiopathy. I am a Certified Medica

  • Eating Properly Made Simple, Just Read These Pointers

    Eating Properly Made Simple, Just Read These Pointers
    11 Rank Reviews

    You may be astonished at how simple it is to include some basic legal guidelines of nutrition into the day time. There is a lot of real information on diet offered, and a few than it difficult to learn. The following tips are pretty straight forward kinds

  • Energy To Empower

    Energy To Empower
    12 Rank Reviews

    If you've been stranded, abused or left helpless, this is the time to stand up and take control of your life. You have a lot of potential within you. Find out how to tap into it.

  • Forced Green

    Forced Green
    13 Rank Reviews

    Living a Natural Life in an Industrial World covering such items as going green, latest innovations, and up to date topical subjects on environment, buildings, cars, etc..

  • Helping to make a better you

    Helping to make a better you
    14 Rank Reviews

    This is a self help and learning about yourself blog. This blog will focus on ideas and concepts by providing on how to increase our mind, body and soul..Our goal is to educate on these areas of our lives.

  • Home Gym

    Home Gym
    15 Rank Reviews

    Let's start a Home Gym that is most effective and benefitial to you and your family. Make healthy living as a part of your daily routine to achieve optimum physique and good health.

  • I am Neurotic and I Need Help

    I am Neurotic and I Need Help
    16 Rank Reviews

    Trying to change the world one post at a time. I am an advocated for mental illness and ending the stigma that surrounds it. I am a wife, mother, sister, and friend. I have mental illness. I matter and so do you.

  • Improve Your Life

    Improve Your Life
    17 Rank Reviews

    This site is for those that wish to better themselves and/or the lives around them! I post things that have positively impacted my life or the lives around me. Whether it be health, technology, or finances. I will cover a wide range of topics as long as t

  • Interdimensional Collective

    Interdimensional Collective
    18 Rank Reviews

    Information, articles and videos about Consciousness, Spirituality, Starseeds, Indigos, Lightworkers, Twin Flames, Soulmates, Universal Energy Matrix, Law of Attraction, Health, Wealth, Abundance and Interdimensional Physics brought to You by Universe Its

  • kami akan memberikan yang terbaik

    kami akan memberikan yang terbaik
    19 Rank Reviews

    kami akan memberikan yang terbaik untuk para pengungjung blog' disertai dengan informasi yang akurat dan sangat berimbang terimaksih kami ucapkan kepada pengunjung

  • Kimmy Sharing Light

    Kimmy Sharing Light
    20 Rank Reviews

    All the advice you ever gave anyone is for you to hear. - Byron Katie I want to take this phrase and post it all over my website. This is the foundation of Kimmy Sharing Light. When we share with others, we are truly expressing what we have changed,

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