Eco-Friendly Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Not many people are talking about the eco friendly baby shower gift ideas because they have not become popular yet. This trend has appeared for just a few years and this is due to the fact that people are trying to protect the nature. If you are throwing a baby shower for an eco friendly family then our eco friendly baby shower gift ideas will be of great help to you.

  • Organic Baby Bath Products

The best gifts you can give to a mother to be are baby products that she can use once the baby is born. A good idea would be to make a gift in which you have incorporated a lot of organic baby bath products. The mother to be will love them because there are a lot of harmful products on the market that can damage the baby´s skin. This is why it is a great idea to give baby products made out of herbs.

  • Glass of BPA free Baby Bottles

The baby is going to use the baby bottle a lot which is why the bottle needs to be made out of a non toxic material. The eco friendly baby bottles are made out of glass and they are safe for the baby.

  • Another gift which will be highly appreciated is the rubber pacifier which is made out of natural rubber.
  • Organic Cleaning Products

It is very important to use non toxic products when you are cleaning things used by your baby. Cleaning products made out of herb are the best because they do not harm the skin and smell nice. If you do not want to buy organic cleaning products you can make them at home. Look online for homemade cleaning solutions, make them and store them is beautiful containers. Your friend is going to love them because they protect the environment and they are safe.

We hope that our eco friendly baby shower gift ideas are going to help you make the perfect gift for your friend. If you have some imagination you can come up with some amazing gifts for the baby shower. Keep in mind that you have to protect the environment and they have to be useful at the same time. If you are in a hurry just go to an eco friendly store and pick something that you think the mother to be would like.

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