• 3.75 Inch Toy Reviews

    3.75 Inch Toy Reviews
    1 Rank Reviews

    My review blog, 3.75 Inch Toy Reviews, will focus on reviewing any figure that is 3.75 inches, or in 1:18 scale. I will mainly focus on Marvel Universe figures, but occasionally I'll do a Star Wars figure or something from another line entirely.

  • Blog do Derpino - Humor em imagens e videos.

    Blog do Derpino - Humor em imagens e videos.
    2 Rank Reviews

    O lado divertido da internet em um só blog de humor,não só de tirinhas mas sim de imagens reais,fatos,acontecimentos estranhos,videos,gifs e muito mais em um só lugar.Não deixe de visitar o nosso blog Derpino.com

  • Boiled Human

    Boiled Human
    3 Rank Reviews

    Funny comics on everything from iPhones to ugly babies to the real meaning of X-Mas. You will laugh! If you don't it's probably because you're a boring, humorless and dusty person. All comics are original works.

  • Comic Book List - Comics, Batman, The Walking Dead

    Comic Book List - Comics, Batman, The Walking Dead
    4 Rank Reviews

    I'm sharing comic book battles, comic book movies, artists, popular character wallpapers, tv series promos based on comic books and comic book covers in this blog

  • Crazy Fazancy

    Crazy Fazancy
    5 Rank Reviews

    CRAZY FAZANCY is a funny blog which brings you funny and crazy shots and videos which will make you laugh again and again. Enjoy the fun with crazy fazancy blog.

  • Daily Web Cartoon For Web Designers

    Daily Web Cartoon For Web Designers
    6 Rank Reviews

    Offers a daily auto-updating web cartoon that changes every 24 hours at 2AM NYC time. Also profiles various projects and other cartoons that creator dan Rosandich currently works on.

  • Diversions of the Groovy Kind

    Diversions of the Groovy Kind
    7 Rank Reviews

    A loving look back at the comic books of the 1970s and the folks who made them. Experience the Groovy Age of Marvel, DC, Charlton, Archie, Gold Key, and so many more!

  • El Blogzine Enmascarado

    El Blogzine Enmascarado
    8 Rank Reviews

    News, Comics, From The world, and latinoamerican, articles, events, interviews,comics autors, and one megalot of Pop Culture... Made in Venezuela for the Etither and Outer Space

  • Fin Fan Fun Photo and Video

    Fin Fan Fun Photo and Video
    9 Rank Reviews

    Smiles save your world. See funny photos and videos about funny people, animals,celebrities etc. Funny life and everyday situations,funny arts and artist. Fin Fan Fun - smiles save your World.

  • Flobits

    10 Rank Reviews

    Greetings my friends, I already wrote a few words about the blog, you could find them here. But then I began being me again and of course I had to change it. It's not that the inside outs will not be part of the blog, but it'll not be the only part. Wha

  • Free Download CARTOON

    Free Download CARTOON
    11 Rank Reviews

    Hentai (変 态 or へんたい?) Is a video game, anime, or manga featuring sex scenes or pornography. Hentai is a Japanese slang word used to insult someone who is behaving in a strange and suggestive naughty nasty. In Japan, Japanese people rarely men

  • funny picture and fun pics

    funny picture and fun pics
    12 Rank Reviews

    funny picture and fun pics funny picture and fun pics funny picture and fun pics funny picture and fun pics funny picture and fun pics funny picture and fun pics funny picture and fun pics funny picture and fun pics

  • G.J.G : Good Japan Goods

    G.J.G : Good Japan Goods
    13 Rank Reviews

    I am Japanese. I will introduce online shop in Japan. The first is MANGA. Next Figure. If you are interested in Japanese goods, please see & buy in this Blog.

  • Geekasms

    14 Rank Reviews

    Bring you Geek Goodness on a daily basis. Geekasms is a one-stop-shop for all things geek; a pop culture site with Movies, TV, Comics, Technology, and more for geeks and fans alike. Including news, reviews, interviews, and more. Geekdom is a large world,

  • Katipsoi Zunontee

    Katipsoi Zunontee
    15 Rank Reviews

    Tudo sobre o Katipsoi Zunontee, o indigena lendário, que teve diversas visões de como será o nosso futuro. O katipsoi zunontee é melhor carinha dos ultimos tempos.

  • l33tb10g

    16 Rank Reviews

    comics, bluray, sciences, arts, books, ... Après une longue période d’absence, Bruce Wayne est de retour sous le masque de Batman, à la poursuite d’un mystérieux tueur en série aux allures de hibou, et dont la prochaine cible n’est autre que…

  • Longbox Graveyard

    Longbox Graveyard
    17 Rank Reviews

    Comic book reviews and retro-revelations from a world where it's always 1978. Marvel & DC comics, movies, television, and more. A new column every Wednesday at Longbox Graveyard.

  • Movie mistakes,Movie bloopers,Movies gag reel

    Movie mistakes,Movie bloopers,Movies gag reel
    18 Rank Reviews

    Welcome to the biggest mistakes in movies of all time. Its quite odd to see professional actors and producers messing up on a consistent basis.Movie mistakes,movie bloopers,movie gag reel,funny movie pictures

  • Past Expiry Cartoon

    Past Expiry Cartoon
    19 Rank Reviews

    Past Expiry Cartoon: new single panel cartoons each week. Weird, quirky, offbeat. Comments are encouraged. 5 star voting feature requires no registration. Is this 160 characters yet?

  • Piadas

    20 Rank Reviews

    Piadas das melhores e o melhor conteudo de piadas da internet. Entre e confira o que há de melhor no humor e também vídeos no youtube de stand up. Piadas também como piadas curtas, piadas engraçadas, piadas de loiras entre outras tantas piadas.

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